Tuesday, July 29

General Jinjur and The Winners Are..

Tip thought this strange Army bore no weapons whatever; but in this he was wrong. For each girl had stuck through the knot of her back hair two long, glittering knitting-needles.

General Jinjur immediately mounted the stump of a tree and addressed her army.

"Friends, fellow-citizens, and girls!" she said; "we are about to begin our great Revolt against the men of Oz! We march to conquer the Emerald City—to dethrone the Scarecrow King—to acquire thousands of gorgeous gems—to rifle the royal treasury—and to obtain power over our former oppressors!"

Frank L. Baum - The Wonderful land of Oz

My favorite video of the week!

The purses-give-away little contest is now over..

Thank you all for the sweet comments, that really made my week. I had to make two extra purses because I couldn't choose between people. I normally don't like contests, so one for all and all for one! That's my new motto. :)

And the winners are:

1. Sally Mc Entire from Polliwog's Cakewalk
2. Christy Soberanis from Sew Much Fabric, Sew Little Time
3. Cami from Art Like Bread
4. Eva Sollberger from The Deadbeat Club and Stuck in Vermont
5. Chris from PrismTrail!
6. Mushroommeadows

The purses will be send next Thursday, 31st of July..

I've had so much fun doing this give-away that it's very possible that I'll do another give-away next month..

Big kiss to you all, have to get back to my craft studio to finish the last two purses..

and remember: You have to give in order to receive.


  1. I feel so special seeing my name in print! You are such a sweeheart! I've been dreaming of pom pom salads lately. I'm going to have to fill those mason jars, or else...

  2. There I am! How exciting! But what will be even more exciting is getting one of your delicious purses! Thank you so much, you made my day!

  3. What a wonderful giveaway!
    Thanks so much for your generosity!

  4. Yay!!! THANK YOU so much! You're one of the most generous bloggers out there! :)

  5. Lucky gals!
    I'm back on a real computer so now I cna access your blog again. Hooray!

  6. I'm NOT WORTHY! These purses are DIVINE! And that pie looks delectable! I wish we could meet for tea and tarts and purse chats someday. HUGS FROM VT! xoxoxoxo

  7. I LOVE THIS PURSE!!! Thank you sweet Nikolaas for making my birthday soooo magical! I will be blogging the purse with some VT pics really soon! and sending you a VT gift package as well!


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