Friday, March 27

Returning to my Digital Garden

I've seen so many people, so many worlds.
I think it's time to re-enter my digital garden.
Stories are told,  treasures were found.
My garden needs new seeds to plant.



Saturday, October 20

Saturday, March 12

new kawai purse

I've finished this little cute purse with kawai fabric and a sweet little black press button.. :)
It's on super sale (only 8$) in the digibudi's digital garden Etsy shoppe.
Hope you like it.

bye now, and remember : 'Keep your loveliness lovely!'

Thursday, March 10

Zipit zippers and my first Mimi Kirchner doll

As I'm writing this, my next project namely a new digibudi's pillow case is lying next to me ready to sew the zipper on. I've got my zippers at an amazingly cheap price from my favorite Etsy zipper store Zipit. You can find it here. I wanted a variety of different bright colored zippers in size 16 inch.
I've contacted the shop owner - Jennie - who was ever so kind to reply on my demand with the notion that I could get any color I wanted, in any amount. This shop is the best!
To my surprise when the zippers arrived I found inside the package another package.. Jennie treated me with a bunch of small squared fabrics in all kinds of kawai prints.. 'for your pillows' read the note inside the sachet.
Well.. I can't thank Jennie enough for this gesture.. and that's totally the reason why I buy on Etsy, the customer/seller relationship is so friendly. It feels so right to buy from small sellers, the friendship - and yes, love - you receive is utterly bliss.
Thanks Jennie for those wonderful quality zippers in all those lovely rainbow colors!

Zipit zippers from Zipit on Etsy - YKK zippers

The same experience I've been having lately on Etsy (I do buy quite a lot on Etsy) is with my new passion with Mimi Kirchner dolls. Her dolls are so poetic, so lovely made and so amazingly detailed. Buying a Mimi Kirchner doll isn't like buying any ordinary doll, these dolls are handmade, stitch by stitch, the amount of love that is put into each doll is radiating out of the finished design. Truly a work of art! I just can't get enough of what she's doing. My second doll is on it's way.. so I'll make a special post about that new arrival as soon as she's arrived here in little old Belgium.. :)

My first doll is called Bird Baby, you can read about her/him on Mimi's blog, which of course is here.
It's sleeping quietly in our living room now. Whenever I pass by it, or look at it coincidently, I feel so tranquil, so at ease. It's a perfect doll and amazingly talented created.

my first Mimi Kirchner doll 

I've ordered my second doll a few weeks ago, but because we went to our Island in the sun (see previous post) I asked mimi to send it as soon as I've got back from Gran Canaria. It's arriving next week, and I'm so anxious to add this new one to my collection. I've already spotted my third one.. but it's not yet on sale in her shop, so I have to be quiet in case someone else will snatch it before me.. shhhh.. is the word! :)

my second mimi doll

I have to run, my pillow case is winking at me and silently (if only inside my own head) whispering 'sew on me zipit zipper and stitch me together, I want to sit next to a gorgeous mimi doll!'
Oh well.. for the love of fabric and buttons I'll say!

Ahoy! And bye, but remember : 'Birds have to fly, fish have to swim and humans have to create!'

Wednesday, March 9

On a Holiday in Gran Canaria

I took some time out, the Island Gran Canaria is our get away place to find some sunshine and beautiful shores, flowers and all kinds of exotic paradise-like birds and things to spot..
We go three times a year, whenever we've got time. It's become a second home for us now. Maybe later when we are older we come and live here. It's such a beautiful place.. you'll adore it too!

Here are some photographs of pretty things I've been spotting lately :)

I'm preparing a really big post on zippers, fabrics, dolls, pillows and some very lovely purchases I've done recently..

Bye now, and remember : 'Let the sunshine in!'

Monday, February 7

Digibudi's Digital Garden open for business on Etsy!

It's finally here!
The Digibudi's Digital Garden shop on Etsy.

Please visit my shop here.

More items will be added during this week.

Have a Happy Shopping Day!

Friday, February 4

New Emily Inside a Black Apple goodies arrived, and a digibudi's pouch

This came in the mail today.. love love love Emily's goodies.. always a treat to get those carefully packed and styled little goodies unpacked..
You can buy Emily's Inside a Black Apple goods here on Etsy. Also do read her blog if you haven't already, it's amazingly beautiful. You can find her blog here.

I'm gonna enjoy these lovely items so much..

Also I've made a new digibudi's pouch, it's from fabrics I also bought from Etsy, you can see the link a few posts before this one..

So, that's it for this afternoon, I got my Valentine's present for my guy in the mail to, but I can't show that yet, because he's spying on me by reading my blog.. haha! Just you wait a little bit, loverrrrr!

Bye now, and remember: "Small package, big pleasure" and no, I don't mean THAT! :)