Sunday, June 28

Fish House dirt style

I've been trying something new with photoshop. I kind of like this style, and it's fun to do.

I love this photograph by Eliot Elisofon, it's so summertime!

And a nice picture of coffee stains.

Life is good.

House Fish part 2

I've added some to the House Fish illustration. Hope you like it. :)
And uploaded some other designs for the album cover.

House Boat by digibudi

I Build My Own by digibudi

Friday, June 26

House Fish

House Fish
Originally uploaded by digibudi.

Here are some illustration I've been making in my Moleskine with my Jotter Parker. I'm gonna use these figures on the upcoming album cover I'm preparing for Amalia Vermandere. There's also a lot of photoshopping involved, and a big picture of a tree. I can't tell you more for now.