Saturday, May 31

Don't Tell Me

Don't tell me what's right or wrong, when everything has a reason..

The first portrait of seven is almost finished, still some work on the arms and skin, and the skirt, who will be a part of one huge skirt with several women like this one attached to.

Bye cupcakes, and remember; Listen to the Song of Life' K.H.

Thursday, May 29

Squeezy's Bonus level

I'm so busy with the last few days of my holiday.. It's soooo nice to have a holiday ones in a while, but I'm eager to go back to work at 'ye old shoppe, and I miss my colleagues too. Especially Martinetje. She broke up with her boyfriend, so to make her a bit happier I've made her this little cross-stitch and embroidery thingy. It's called 'Squeezy's Bonus Level'.

So Martinetje, this one's for you!

Squeezy's Bonus Level

I've got lots of layers and colors at this part of the illustration.

And I'm still working on my new big illustration.. Much work and I love it!

On another note; I would really love to buy and wear this design from Kidrobot

isn't this cool?

Bye marshmallows! And please do remember; don't step on the daisies!

Tuesday, May 27

Illustration part1

I'm making a big illustration this week.

Friday, May 23

Wouldn't it be cool

Ingmar Bergman, Irving Penn

Wouldn't it be cool to do exactly what you want to do.
Without anyone telling you you're right or wrong.
To be untouchable and not affected by.. (all kinds of things, and stuff)

That even if it would be against the norms, the standards, the templates and other Fata Morgana's society invented for us, we will be brave enough to deal with the consequences.. with the help of our free and ever wondering spirits?

I do understand that courage takes a vital part into our machina of dreams. Japanese poetry made me discover that. It does take a great deal of that poetry to fulfill a dream. And dreams I take very seriously. Yes sir!

Knowledge and happiness are both science, crying and laughing gives the same release. Using this energy and knowledge as a fuel to manifest our dreams and only the dream itself, into reality, would be a masterpiece in itself.

Oh well, I'm in this poetic mood and it's in these moments I honestly believe that I understand the spiritual things. I feel confident about myself. About my life and the people I notice, love and befriend with.

Mr Wittitterly Cruickshank, 24 Mei 2008

Woody Allen by Irving Penn

I'm so fond of some of the lyrics Madonna has on her new album. This part of her soon to be next single (I'm pretty sure) Give it to me, keeps sticking inside my mind..

I love the way she puts it.

I'm also making an illustration. That's a big thing for me because of all the other projects I wanted to make. But now I'm back at the drawing board, I'm feeling pretty good. Here's a little scetch of what I'm making.

It's just a sketch at this point but I'm getting slowly into that state when the process of creating starts making sense. This one is all about roots and growth.

Bye Lemon pies, and remember; Add some sugar and mix it up!

Yo Gabba Gabba

It was my dear sister Diane Gilleland who sent me this absolute crazy link, and of course I'm totally loving it!

Bye fuzzy weird things, I have to run! And remember, no puppets nor muppets without some pink plush..

Tuesday, May 20

My roommate Mai

Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.

Anaïs Nin

Monday, May 19

Pyama Party

My friends came over for a little get together..

Sven, Sharon, Mai, Marcsje, Martin and me had a delicious Italian Anti Pasto with Bulgarian red wine. Lots of silly conversations and plenty of interesting ones.

I used the camera from Mai, my new roommate.

Here are some portraits we've made..


Mai, my new roommate, loves shopping on Ebay, Sushi and her cute little iBook


Marcsje, loves inventing new musical instruments, Science Fiction pocket books and experimenting with herbs.. but not on stage that is!

Sharon, loves sunshine, Wonton Soup and dancing on ragga..
She thought me how to use the inner smile as a protection from aggressive reactions.

sharon and martin

Martin makes up Sharon..

We had such a great time.. Celebrating our friendship..and love for each other.

And here is the finished bag I've been making:

You didn't see me, right? (little hidden Squeezy underneeth Broderie Anglaise

Bye strawberry shortcakes, and remember; feel like a tiny bird with a big song!

All that glitters ain't gold

I'm experimenting with Dylon fabric paints. Here's a before and after of some Aïda embroidery fabrics I've died in pink.

I'm quite happy with the result.

And I'm making a cute handbag with it. Here's a scan I've made sofar. (the scan is poorly done, it looks so much better in real life)

I'm gonna cross-stitch some Squeezy's on it and embelish it with my new gliterari..

It's all crooked and not right on this scan. But trust me, it does look very pleasing.

Here's a little scetch of how the handbag will look like..

Oh-la-la, c'est chique et pratique!

Another miniature cross-stitch of a tree. (the Squeezy is hiding behind it)

tree copy

I've got these amazingly cool glitterari in 8 different colors. This is a scan of the brown ones. (I've got purple, pink, yellow, blue, lilac, grey and black..)

glitter galore
All that glitters ain't gold (Prince)

And this chair is to die for.. It's a piece from the MET museum in NYC..

The front is covered with Irish stitch needlework and the back with a needlework landscape scene.


Easy Chair, 1758
Made by Caleb Gardner (d. 1761), Maker
American; Made in Northeast, Newport, Rhode Island, America

And 'What is a Friend?'

Bye butterflies, and remember: If it's broke, don't try to fix it.. :)

Sunday, May 18

Squeezy's and just one of those things

Just one of those things
When everything goes incredible
And all is beautiful

That used to get you down
Now have no effect at all
Cause life is beautiful

I'm having a two week holiday! So much time to make things.. The first thing I'm making is a little book with miniature cross-stitch squares, and some Squeezy's..

Little bird singing a song

little house
Little Squeezy house on the prarie

Squeezy making a wish

Squeezy's pink house

Squeezy's tree
Two Squeezy's an the tree house

turtle dimension port
Turtle going thru parallel dimension port

And in the meanwhile one of my adopted sisters is doing A-OK!

On another note; I discovered something that makes me very happy, take a look at those:

Charles Wysocki's Confection Street

I adore this naive style of painting.. it also reminds me of Grandma Moses. Her story is something else! And a proof that it's never too late to get your creative abilities flowing.

Talking about grandma (just kidding), here's a very interesting interview with Madonna:

Bye muffin tops, and remember; for each tear there is a smile..

Sunday, May 11

Longer Taste

It's so hot today.. luckily I went to the beach to freshen up. But there were sooo many people that I left a bit early in some disgust. People licking their icecream, eating chips, children yelling and crying, sweaty bodies all around me, sticky and fat, I don't like a crowd.

This song is my favorite of this week, a bit corny, and the original from Alanis Morisette is totally better, but I love it.. What more can I say? (I danced on this song last wednesday, with Vicky and Sven, at the local gay bar.. we had such a great time.. We went home at 8 am! And after partied at my place untill the afternoon..)

And here are some new things I've got to show. The pictures are made with my old camera.

lucky charm

Lucky charm doll.. I always loved those, they remind me of my childhood.

glass candy
Some real hard candy, glass candy.

hard candy googly eyes
I couldn't resist gluing some googly eyes on one of them..

gift diane gilleland
Here are some buttons I've made with fabric I ordered from This is part of a box full of presents for my dear sister Diane Gilleland from Craftypod. Just to thank her for her wonderful inspiration.

And here's the mystery box I'm gonna sent it on Tuesday because tomorrow the post office is closed because of a national Jour de Fêtes..


Some realy cool fabric I found in one of the boxes I've got earlier.

Maxine, a jobstudent from work gave me this adorable Paris Statue with snowflakes. She went to Paris and I'm so happy that she found this wonderful thing.. I always wanted one. Now I want one with the Statue of lLiberty inside of it..

Felt circles! Ain't they cute? And I know exactly what I'm gonna make with them! (but that's a surprise)

My mini cards from with my own illustration on them. They come within a cute little white box, and I've got 100 of those minicards. I also got a keychain box to store them in on my way out. Which is very handy!


And my own StickerBook! With little stickers with my illustrations on.. So glad I've got them!

Bye cupcakes, I'm gonna make me some delicious vegies with rice, light and healthy..

And remember, You can't make pancakes without breaking some eggs.