Sunday, May 18

Squeezy's and just one of those things

Just one of those things
When everything goes incredible
And all is beautiful

That used to get you down
Now have no effect at all
Cause life is beautiful

I'm having a two week holiday! So much time to make things.. The first thing I'm making is a little book with miniature cross-stitch squares, and some Squeezy's..

Little bird singing a song

little house
Little Squeezy house on the prarie

Squeezy making a wish

Squeezy's pink house

Squeezy's tree
Two Squeezy's an the tree house

turtle dimension port
Turtle going thru parallel dimension port

And in the meanwhile one of my adopted sisters is doing A-OK!

On another note; I discovered something that makes me very happy, take a look at those:

Charles Wysocki's Confection Street

I adore this naive style of painting.. it also reminds me of Grandma Moses. Her story is something else! And a proof that it's never too late to get your creative abilities flowing.

Talking about grandma (just kidding), here's a very interesting interview with Madonna:

Bye muffin tops, and remember; for each tear there is a smile..


  1. These are utterly charming! I can't wait to see the explosion of creativity that's sure to happen during your holiday! XOXO

  2. awWWww! Squeezy. How completely cute. I love your work. I've been thinking of needlepoint. How do you like it? BTW, Grandma Moses was from a small town in Vermont not far from my hometown. She had a museum there. :o) Never too old to start a new thing.