Friday, October 22

365 days in 60 seconds - a blink in my life

I took some pictures with my Nintendo DSi this year.. here's the result in 60 sec.

Friday, October 15

digibudi's village Blue House

I'm making an illustration about a village.. I finished my first house this evening. I use Adobe Illustrator and some finishing touches inside Photoshop.

Thursday, October 7

Red ribbons

Been busy, busy! But here is my next post on yes.. ribbons!
This time I've got some red ribbons to show you.
And because I've been quite busy with a business website I'm designing in Fireworks CS5 (which is amazing by the way)  I'll show you the work so far :

I think it's pretty nifty. :)
I like the fact that everything on the website is made by hand, this is weird when working with a computer, but I mean every box and every line or shadow or shiny effect is really build up by using rectangles, shadows, lines and transparency levels.. so no pre-fab widgets or symbols here. I think the result looks good.

And now on to the Red ribbons.. I've made a collage of all the pictures I've taken a few weeks ago.. I still need to upload them one by one from my gallery at, which is a perfect alternative for Picasa. I like better, because it fits great into my photoshop elements software application on this notebook I'm using. And the editing possibilities are much more advanced and professional than - in my point of view anyway - Picasa's. Hail Photoshop again I guess.. :)

At the restaurant everything is going great, have two new menus, of which I'm showing you some pictures after me going on about the effort and the skills it takes us to make that kind of recipes.. plates full of utter delightful tasty goodness, bless to ingredients..

I love them (the ingredients I mean) ; from the pale onions to the blushy peaches, the crispy fresh asperges, the amazingly rich truffles, and on and on.. fresh and quality produce is the best!
Everything tastes so divine that I'm eating way to much these days but I AM NOT ashamed to say that I may need to expand my belt with an inch (or two)...All for the good course of cooking great food, that's not an excuse it's a fact!

End of this month I'm gonna take a vacation (with my other half who's been great and lovely by the way, I love you Bartje ♥♥ if you are reading this) to Gran Canaria. Need some time off and relax.. some sunshine in November and sunscreen factor +50 in my case will do us both good.
Staying at the ever so lovely Riu hotel Don Miguel at Playa del Ingles and will be very happy to see all the staff back after a few months of West-European business.. :) Ola!

Gran Canaria image by Google - Flightline

Bye for now, and remember : 'It's a parasol, not an umbrella!'

Monday, September 13

For the love of ribbons, The Grand Idea of Organizing my Ribbons by Color Plan, prt 1 Black

So, I came up with this idea of organizing my ribbons collection I've been gathering during some years now. It's a task long overdue and the amount of ribbons I've collected thus far is overwhelming. Talking about a luxury problem I'm having in my craft atelier.
I normally put my ribbons in a big yellow box which isn't the best idea I figured out. Namely because they are all tangled up together like one big ball of embellishment goodies.  Therefore, if I need to pick one particular ribbon in a specific color for an embellishment on let's say a doll or a pillowcase... well, you get the idea.. it's a mess.

But here's where my "Grand Idea of Organizing my Ribbons by Color Plan" comes in! 'Ahaa!'
So I organized my ribbons into groups of colors. Black, red, brown, orange/yellow, blue, green and white.
And some unidentified group I'd like to call "mixed". Those will contain the ribbons that don't exist of one particular dominating color. Like rainbow ribbons for instance, where would you put those in the well organized grand idea?
Well, in the pile-group "mixed". 'Ahaa!', again.

Another problem solved, I'd say!

Now, here's what I've done this evening.. the black ribbons:

some of my black ribbons

I just adore the black lace ribbons.. so graphic!

Gold and silver are great with black

some close ups

I find it quite difficult to photograph these black beauties. Black is something that isn't easy to capture, it turns out brownish or grayish, so I got some help from Photoshop to make the black seem more... well, black!

I think they look pretty sweet anyway.

Bye now, and remember : 'Black is back!'

In between pillow project

Here's an in between little side project I've been doing last week.
A pillow with a cross-stitch patch I made some time ago, and some very sweet fabric.
The backside it quite funny, but I love the chicken and violets fabric so much that I had to use this for a fun project like this 'I heart my garden' digibudi's digital garden pillowcase.

And how do you like my brand new banner?? :)

Next time, more about the doll.. it's finished by the way, just need to take some nice pictures of it.
Bye for now, and remember : "mix and match whatever you catch!"

Easy steps on making a doll : part 2

Lots of works this week in the restaurant. We create two new menu's every month, this takes a lot of preparation and on my part learning a lot of new skills and recipes. I guess the learning process is never done!
Which is great by the way. More about the restaurant menu in a later blogpost though.

Cause this is part 2 of making a digibudi's doll :)

I've made the arms parts of the doll and a part of the body and head.

Thursday, August 19

This video is an eye opener on internet marketing!

A very interesting video class came my way today. Take the time to watch this, and return to whatever you're blogging about, watch and learn...

Diane Gilleland for 'I Heart Art':

Social Marketing for Handmade Businesses by Sister Diane from I Heart Art: Portland on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 15

Easy steps on making a doll : part 1

Finally, it's Sunday! Finally some time off to make a new digibudi's doll!
I had the cross stitched teapot (almost finished) to start with choosing the fabrics and ribbons and buttons.

my cross stitch patch to sew on the belly-center of the doll

I like to limit my choices in choosing matching fabric for my dolls because this way it's much easier to pick out the right ones out of my quite large stack of fabric. I've been collecting patches of many different kinds of textile, that it is sometimes difficult to have a total overview of what's in stock! :) Talking about a luxury problem..

Anyway, I came up with two main styles of fabric, it's woven Italian furniture fabric. I got a pile of those from a teacher who was retiring and didn't had use for them anymore. She gave it to me, and I'm ever so grateful for those boxes full of authentic woven Italian goodness.

So, here's the idea:

Some dotted fabric I'll use for arms and legs,
and some pretty vintage roses fabric in mustard
and green color schemes.

Now I needed some ribbons and buttons to match..
And of course some sweet pink fabric to use for the doll's head and hands.

Now, that's cute! After all, the doll's name will be 'Tea for Two'.

Now on to the cutting and putting some parts of the doll together.
I like to make some parts first and see if other parts will match and if I maybe can change some of the design.
I work organically, which means not necessarily sticking to the plan. Going with whatever fits at that moment in the progress of creation.

I've chosen some thread to match the colors of all the fabrics, and whatever is in one of my thread-treasure boxes.

I've chosen some very dark green and a color that's more green/blueish.

I sewed the patches for legs together to get some idea of how the size of the doll will be.

And then back to the layout of the doll. The body part, which will contain the cross-stitched teapot patch, and arms, head and ribbons to finish it all off in a pretty rosy kind of way.

I'm making the legs first because I don't have much fabric to work with, this way making it easier for me to know how big in size the doll will be. I measure and cut the doll parts with a ruler that's so easy to use. It's called Omnigrid and is used primarily in patchwork and quilting. It has diagonal and straight lines on it, and it's a blessing!

Ones I've got the size of the doll I make some alterations.
I cut the patches I need to fit the body part and use ribbons to jazz things up a bit and to hide some seams that I'll need to make for sewing the patches of fabric together.

That's it for now, but I'm gonna be back next time with arms and head parts of the doll, and then finally putting them all together, so that this doll will be a lovely one!

Bye for now, and remember : "A rose is a rose is a rose"

Tuesday, August 10

From rhubarb to buttons and back

As I said before, working in a class restaurant has it's ups and downs. It's very hard work but it pays. Not only in a very generous paycheck at the end of each month, but even more important, in a creative-and -totally-interesting-satisfaction-fulfillment-at-the-end-of-each-day way!
You learn while working in a kitchen.
You create while cooking complicated dishes.
You use your senses ; smell, taste, sight.. while preparing and adding all those wonderful ingredients together.

It's alchemy for the taste buds.

The art of cooking takes on many forms though. Whether you're cooking for business or for pleasure.
And that's where creativity comes in, it provides an abundance of inspiration and How-To's for a fulfilling creative cooking (or crafting) life at every stage. It's ever so interesting. And it smells divine!

Rhubarb arrived at our kitchen, we use it in a main dish.

Working with fresh produce, well.. there's nothing better.

Here are some plates I've been making together with my Chef, who's also my partner and very cute boyfriend (he has a new blog, it's here).
During weekends we have a little helper, Pieter.
The three of us are making jokes all the time, singing along with whatevers on the radio at that moment, couldn't care less, our kitchen is downstairs and the customers who are enjoying their Menu Belle Epoque or ordered A la Carte.. don't hear us anyway.. :)

Foie Gras with marinated figs, port sauce and  Kataifi nest.

Lobster with aspic of herbs and saffron ice cream

Quince sabayon, Poire liqueur, red fruit, topped with meringue

Meanwhile at the atelier..
I've been working on a series of new digibudi's dolls, for my soon to open Etsy shop. Which will be in September, next month! Yeah! It was due to open last September, but you know how life gives you all kinds of other opportunities, so I postponed it to this year. :) Which is perfect, because now I'm much more matured, saved much more money, and gained much more experience. So the time is right to do this now.
About the new digibudi dolls:

For now, I will only give you a very sneak preview.
Of some buttons. :) 
So stay tuned...

close up of a new digibudi doll
Bye now, I'm going to enjoy myself this evening and I'm looking forward to another day of cooking, sewing and talking about it! Take care ;)
And remember : "Sometimes you have to break some eggs to make a pie!"

And a kiss to anyone who has a sugar coated heart :)