Sunday, December 28

Although the light is changing, I'll keep painting..

Watching the painter painting
And all the time, the light is changing
And he keeps painting
That bit there, it was an accident
But he's so pleased
It's the best mistake, he could make
And it's my favourite piece
It's just great

And remember: It's just behind you.

Tuesday, December 9

Skipping Christmas decorations

I'm cross stitching like crazy these last days. I've got this fantasy of having a Christmas tree decorated to the top with cross stitch miniatures. Well, I won't make it this year, but nonetheless I'll keep stitching untill next year so I'll have my fantasy tree then.

I'm kinda skipping decorating my home this year, I have to work all December except on Christmas day of course, but I don't have the time to decorate or even look for a tree this year. I don't mind though, it's a kind of relief to not bother.. And skipping this Christmas will make next year Christmas much more nicer! Don't get me wrong here, I'm so celebrating Christmas this year, but I'll have no decorations in my apartment.

Which gives me plenty of time to get the presents right, and to mail them to my dearest friends..

Image copyright by Joanne Sanderson

Anyway, I stumbled upon this great site about cross stitching. It's Joanne Sanderson. And I found this link with charts for making exactly those miniatures I was dreaming about for my next year's Christmas tree..

I love the site of Joanne, it's simple and there are many great ideas for cross stitching.

Here are some of the freebies on her site:

Lovely and sweet, miniature charts I'm using for my decorations.

Color chart for the miniatures

More miniatures for decorations.

And some New Years Resolutions too:

All illustrations and charts are Copyright by Joanne Sanderson

I'm having a new post later on this week, which will be all about trims and buttons and necklaces!

Bye now, and remember: 'Keep the thread in the needle!'