Tuesday, July 29

General Jinjur and The Winners Are..

Tip thought this strange Army bore no weapons whatever; but in this he was wrong. For each girl had stuck through the knot of her back hair two long, glittering knitting-needles.

General Jinjur immediately mounted the stump of a tree and addressed her army.

"Friends, fellow-citizens, and girls!" she said; "we are about to begin our great Revolt against the men of Oz! We march to conquer the Emerald City—to dethrone the Scarecrow King—to acquire thousands of gorgeous gems—to rifle the royal treasury—and to obtain power over our former oppressors!"

Frank L. Baum - The Wonderful land of Oz

My favorite video of the week!

The purses-give-away little contest is now over..

Thank you all for the sweet comments, that really made my week. I had to make two extra purses because I couldn't choose between people. I normally don't like contests, so one for all and all for one! That's my new motto. :)

And the winners are:

1. Sally Mc Entire from Polliwog's Cakewalk
2. Christy Soberanis from Sew Much Fabric, Sew Little Time
3. Cami from Art Like Bread
4. Eva Sollberger from The Deadbeat Club and Stuck in Vermont
5. Chris from PrismTrail!
6. Mushroommeadows

The purses will be send next Thursday, 31st of July..

I've had so much fun doing this give-away that it's very possible that I'll do another give-away next month..

Big kiss to you all, have to get back to my craft studio to finish the last two purses..

and remember: You have to give in order to receive.

Friday, July 25

The Craft community needs you - And the purses give away!

When I was reading Diane's latest post at Craftypod I read the following interesting news:

Are you a fan of Joss Whedon - as in, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible? I think a lot of you are.

Well, he made this joke in a recent interview about Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog, his latest project. Responding to a question about internet buzz for the show, he said:

“Fact is, there’s been some buzz, but it hasn’t reached the places it would normally. Where’s our write-up in Crocheting Monthly? (I did a very sexy shoot for that one.)”

Okay. . . this is where Kim Werker, editor of Interweave Crochet and CrochetMe.com, comes in. She saw that interview and got inspired: she wants to interview Joss on CrochetMe!

We need to work together to get Joss Whedon’s attention, and tell him how much our community would love a chat with him.

So this is a shout out to all crafters and artists to help Kim to get this sooo important interview, which will make our community stronger and that's what counts!

I've made two new purses yesterday, didn't have time to post it then, so here they are today:

Two new purses

kitchen purse1
A close up of the Kitchen Purse

kitchen purse2
The Kitchen Purse

household purse2
The Household Purse

household purse1
Close up of the Household Purse

Cami from ArtLikeBread loved the Robot purse so much so I'm sending it to her as a gift. That made me think. As it is so fulfilling to give away things you've made, to others who make things - they are the ones that can appreciate a handmade gift the most - I'm giving these three new purses away!
I'm gonna make lots more that I can sell, but the next three purses you'll see here listed will be given away to the three quickest commenters on my blog! To show my appreciation towards the crafty bloggers out there..

You can still choose from these:

The Household Purse

The Kitchen Purse

The Russian Dolls Purse

So if you would love to own a Digibudi's Sewcute! Purse, be sure to leave a comment as quick as possible..

Bye now, and remember: It all starts with a needle and a thread. (and sometimes, uh.. a little glue)

Monday, July 21

Robot purse and Jazzy Purse (and a mega courgette..)

Had a great day at work. Made a new cross-stitch patch as part of a new doll. The summer cherries are almost there! Can't wait to taste them. I love the dark red cherries, the black cherries.. yumyum..

crosstitch cherries
Cherries and a jar of cherrie jam.

I want some sweet buttons to sew on the doll's body part, but I can't choose.. They all look so tasty.

Which one shall I choose? So many buttons, so little time..

And here are my two new purses, I just can't get enough of them. I have to make one after the other.

two purses
Two new purses today..

robot purse
The Robot Purse.

psp purse
Perfect for my PSP.

music purse
And a vintage Jazzy Purse.
(fabrics from Reprodepot)

Yes Sister Diane, my ironing board has indeed a picture of a zipper on it! (It's so great you've noticed such a detail, I would too!)
I couldn't resist it when I saw it in the shop. I did need a new one, and when I noticed this beauty I simply fell in love. It makes me very happy looking at it.

ironing board
My new ironing board with the zipper!

And I've got a laundry basket with eyes too:

laundry basket
My weird laundry basket.

As I'm showing my most intimate possessions I could as well show you some parts of my craft studio too:

craftroom 2
My sewing table with my Toyota sewing machine.

my craftroom
My stash of fabrics and my wooden sewing box inherited from my grandmother.

On another note:

I got the most mega courgette today from a friends garden, It's almost too scary to eat! I'll make a big pot of soup with it. I'll call it Digibudi's Mega Courgette Soup (with cream).

Who is afraid of the the big courgette?

Bye now, my lovely courgettes.

And remember: Don't let the showers of tomorrow ruin the sunshine of today.

Sunday, July 20

The making of a purse

I'm quite excited about this. I've been making for the first time ever in my life a purse with a Burda pattern (Burda Young/fashion pattern #8235)

I've been listening to Librivox audio books today and I adore the ones from Frank L. Baum's masterpiece The Land of Oz so much. Due to the wonderful voice of Paul Harvey. He even does the different voices of the characters. It's so funny. I can't get enough! Here's a link to Librivox's The Wonderful Land of Oz.

Here are the finished results so far - I'm planning to make lots of them. I've used the wonderful vintage repro fabrics I ordered some time ago at www.reprodepot.com.

IMAG0087 IMAG0090
Two purses made with the Burda Pattern and the Reprodepot fabrics.

And a little detail:


Here's a little tutorial on how to do it. It's quite easy to do.

laying out the pattern 1 
Laying the cut out pattern onto the fabric.

laying out the pattern 2 
After you've pinned the pattern onto the fabric, just cut it out. There is a seam allowance in the pattern itself. Which is super easy and practical!

Remove the pattern and now you'll have the cut out pieces of your yet to be made purse.

Now is a good time to have a nice glass of red wine.

A nice glass of red Cabernet Sauvignon will help with the  zigzag stitching next.


Put your sewing machine to zigzag stitching. I love zigzagging my way into happiness. :)


Zigzag the straight side of the larger piece of the patterns. This is of course to help preventing from unraveling the fabric.


IMAG0066 IMAG0074
Fold and iron the straight small part of the larger piece like so. And sew along the dotted lines.


Now you'll make the little ribbon. Iron the little piece halfway. Good sides facing each other. Pressing with some steam will help.


Sew the larger sides together and turn inside out.

IMAG0060 copy
Mark with a special pen (which ink disappears after 24 hours) the hemlines unto the fabric. I've used 1cm.

Be sure that your sewing machine is well set. I use a pressure of 4.5. But it all depends on your machine.

Pin the ribbon onto the larger part of the fabric. And stitch it with large stitches so it sits firm when sewing it with the machine.

Now sew the ribbon onto the fabric with the machine.

Turn the larger part of the piece over, good sides facing each other. And hand stitch with large stitches so it doesn't move.

Lay the smaller piece of the pattern (I've used some ironing-on fabric for stability and firmness) unto the larger piece.

Temporarily stitch with large stitches onto each other.

Now stitch the sides of the square parts with the machine.

Turn the purse inside out, now you'll have the good sides out. And sew the curved sides with the machine.

I've added a button with a special tool. I love those buttons. I don't know the right word for it in English. But in Dutch we call it a press-button (drukknop).

A label will always look nice as a finishing touch. I've ironed this custom made labels of Digibudi's Sewcute inside the flap of the purse.

Et voila! Le Purse est finis..

adding the label
My first two purses made with a Burda pattern. Yes sir!


I've got these great ribbons from my mother when she visited me this afternoon. She bought them at a flee market today and I'm very happy with her choice. Great ribbons!

A present from my mother, ribbons galore!


Bye now, and back to my studio working at some more purses. And within a few days the new dolls will arrive at the Digital Garden, stay tuned for those goodies!

And remember: The smaller the purse, the bigger the cash!

Tuesday, July 15

Ritual in Transfigured Time

Just look at this!

And remember: Love is something we dream, design, create and wear like a magical coat.

Monday, July 14

The Operation

Today was a perfect day.

from: The Cement Garden

I've met a wonderful guy yesterday when I went out for a dance and a drink with Martine, Maxine, Gaetan and Jeffrey.
After I entered my favorite bar here in Ostend and was shaking and breaking the baseline dancing to the latest Madonna on the dancefloor, I noticed a very cute guy smiling at me. At first I didn't react, there are a lot of cute guys you know.. So, what's new about that?
But after a while I got quite interested, and we talked, we laughed, we danced together.. and yes.. we've kissed! His name is Jeroen, is about the age as me, a bit taller than me and has the most wonderful twinkle in his eyes. And a smile to die for!
I'm seeing him again soon.. So quite happy about that.
The instant I saw him I felt really calm, like I've known him for a while. No stress, no shyness or any other lack of confidence when you normally meet a person you really like. None of that, but a very warm and trusty feeling inside.
Ok, enough about this, I'm starting to feel a bit corny.. :)

Did so much for the shop today, reorganized the products, restyled my part of the shop with practical and easy to find visual merchandise know-how, yes sir!
I didn't make anything creatively, but what a treat it is to reorganize and restyle things. It all looks so practical and neat. I love neat.
Met wonderful people who were extremely kind. To add it all up; a wonderful day.

On another note:

Here are some of the most marvelous recordings of my favorite author of all time Anaïs Nin herself speaking about and reading from her diaries. I treasure these recordings so much because after I've read all her work, I wondered ( really wondered and dreamed and daydreamed about this) how her voice would sound like.
And you know what? It's exactly the way I've imagined it. She's the greatest..

Audio File Anaïs 1 -BookBeat 1972
Audio File Anaïs 2
The Creative Woman in America Today
Women and Writing

Isn't that amazing? I always feel goosebumps when I listen to those recordings. It's like my own sister is talking to me, a sister I've never met in real life. But none the less is a part of my DNA. Pure wisdom, hard and yet gentle as a diamant in the rough, uncut and uncensored.

I wanted to put some beautiful photographs of the great Paul Swiridoff of which I've got a book from my father in this post, but I just found out that my scanner is broken. It makes this really strange noise and it doesn't scan anymore.. Oh well, time to get me a new one. I don't mind broken things, the less I've got, the more I do.

Nothing is taboo on the edge of science:

The Operation

And remember: SMILE

Saturday, July 12

My number 101

It's my 101 th post today, let's have a creative celebration!

It's been a while since I've been posting, due to the busy work at the shop and due to the wonderful weather..
And also, I've been quite ill for a while. Had to take that awful anti-biotic. But I feel very good and energized now!

But here I am with some new stuff..

First of all here are two new necklaces I've made:

Two necklaces that can be worn together, or separately if one desires..

Pink Pearls Gallore

I've used chip-pearls with shell nacre, glass beads and really cool toothy pink pearls in shell.

The second one is made for Martin's sister:

The pearls are made of vintage cartoons (a kind of papier maché technique) and Swarovski crystals with tiger eye pearls.

I've also used some ceramic bright colored pearls in different sizes..

Now unto the new dolls that are almost finished, just need to embroider the face unto the head part of the dolls.
It's all still work in progress, because it takes much time, especially with my new technique which is adding hand stitch cross stitch patches to the body of the dolls.

This one is gonna be a present for a good friend of mine.. (she will be very happy)

I so love the fabric I've used for the legs.. it's very thick corduroy with a satin shine..

The fabric of the body part of the doll is woven Italian vintage fabric. (I just got one piece of this amazingly beautiful fabric with golden threads for the flower parts)

I'm not showing everything here, because it's not finished yet!

The second doll is a Tea Doll

I adore the fabric with the embroidered flowers on it..
And I've used little Tea Pot buttons.. yes sir!

This is a close up for the third doll, which is for the Autumn collection I'm working on.

I'm using my new found technique which is adding a patch of hand stitched cross-stitch. Which takes quite a lot of work. The cross-stitch patch takes almost 4 hours to finish.

I handstitched the cross stitch patch on Aïda 14 count..

As this is my 101th post I'm feeling like showing you some things inside my studio..

My little wall of yet-to-be-used-in-projects cross-stitch miniatures.

Hamburger in cross-stitch miniature

I think I'm making a bookmark of this little side-project.

I love salads.. And I love the empty plastic bowls I use for stacking my creative goodies.

My favorite salad of all time, the Pom-Pom Salad! Deliciously creative! And it makes me smile when I look at it.

My box of threads. I know it's supposed to be for buttons, but I've allready got my button box.. So.. (I think it's very suitable for any kind of creative goodies..)

Bye now! I'm gonna relax with a good movie tonight.. Just me and a glass of wine to compliment the Mousaka I'm having for dinner..

Remember ; A pom-pom a day, keeps the doctor away!