Sunday, December 28

Although the light is changing, I'll keep painting..

Watching the painter painting
And all the time, the light is changing
And he keeps painting
That bit there, it was an accident
But he's so pleased
It's the best mistake, he could make
And it's my favourite piece
It's just great

And remember: It's just behind you.

Tuesday, December 9

Skipping Christmas decorations

I'm cross stitching like crazy these last days. I've got this fantasy of having a Christmas tree decorated to the top with cross stitch miniatures. Well, I won't make it this year, but nonetheless I'll keep stitching untill next year so I'll have my fantasy tree then.

I'm kinda skipping decorating my home this year, I have to work all December except on Christmas day of course, but I don't have the time to decorate or even look for a tree this year. I don't mind though, it's a kind of relief to not bother.. And skipping this Christmas will make next year Christmas much more nicer! Don't get me wrong here, I'm so celebrating Christmas this year, but I'll have no decorations in my apartment.

Which gives me plenty of time to get the presents right, and to mail them to my dearest friends..

Image copyright by Joanne Sanderson

Anyway, I stumbled upon this great site about cross stitching. It's Joanne Sanderson. And I found this link with charts for making exactly those miniatures I was dreaming about for my next year's Christmas tree..

I love the site of Joanne, it's simple and there are many great ideas for cross stitching.

Here are some of the freebies on her site:

Lovely and sweet, miniature charts I'm using for my decorations.

Color chart for the miniatures

More miniatures for decorations.

And some New Years Resolutions too:

All illustrations and charts are Copyright by Joanne Sanderson

I'm having a new post later on this week, which will be all about trims and buttons and necklaces!

Bye now, and remember: 'Keep the thread in the needle!'

Monday, November 24

Big News!

I've known this for a while now, but I had to keep it silent because of laws and such. But from today on it's official..
I'm proud to announce that our shop is the sponsor for the Belgian Project Runway edition! We will be actively cooperating with the program and the designers themselves from this December 'till February next year. This means that our logo and shop will be seen during the program and we'll also have big prime time during commercials. This is quite big for us, and much work is still needed to be done.

I'm not sure how and who the contesters are but I do hope they know a lot about making clothes. I hear that many of them will be from Antwerp, or at least are attending students at the Academy of Fashion. So I'm finger crossing that there will be a respectful level of knowledge present within those contesters. I'm having a party and gathering of friends every week as soon as the program starts, halfway December..

The first ever Belgian Project Runway, 'Ontwerpers, zorg da't werkt!'

Anyway, I just wanted to share this cool newsflash! :)

Bye now, and remember : ''Make it work!"

Sunday, November 23

Warm Friends and the Mega Fuchsia Scarf

Hooray, it's time for a new post. And let me tell you, this post is stacked with sweets and goodies!

I've had another perfect day at work in the shop today, although it's Sunday. It was so cold on this November day that I needed a big scarf to keep me warm. In fact, we ALL needed one mega big scarf to keep us warm. Luckily I've just ordered one that came in last week.
A friendly customer took a picture of my colleagues and me wearing the fuchsia pink mega scarf!

Martine, me and Max keeping it warm and cozy..

I'm gonna use this scarf as a XL blanket in my living room.

On my second to last post I forgot to show the most special item inside the box I got from Diane. I totally forgot to take a picture because I put it on my bookshelf at home.. But today I took it with me at work and made this picture:

The fantastic plastic canvas basket from Diane at Craftypod.

So, thank you again Diane for this gem of a pc treasure!

I also got this cute little Spongebob Squarepants softie from Martine:

Can you spot him?

Where's Spongebob hiding?

Spongebob Squarepants, my favorite cartoon guy!

And here's a picture I took of Martine at work, at her most serious that is..

Martine ready to serve some customers :) (she's gonna hate me for this)

"Can I help you?"

She's so much fun to work with that she deserved a little space on my blog.

Ok, what did I made this week? Let's see, first of all there was this big heart made with more than 300 Swarovski chrystals.

Heart made with Swarovski.

And a easy way to make a necklace without spending too much money and time. Because we all know that time is precious. And each of these necklaces is made in less than one hour.

All you need is some thread, some pinch pearls and some pearls.

A few pearls, but great effect

Than I showed Max how to make a comfort doll (this one is for Diane soon) with a few pieces of felt and some thread and two buttons. We named him Crooky, for obvious reasons. Max did the ears and sewed for the first time in her life, I think she should be proud.

Crooky in his craddle of fluffy wool

We've made a poem about Crooky too, it's in Dutch but I'll try to translate it in English here.
The poem is called "Crooky, waar ben je?" which is "Crooky, where are you?"
And it goes something like this:

When the tides of my eyes bring tears overflowing,
Where is Crooky?
Oh here you are!
When I'm sad because the world is fighting with the sun
Where is Crooky?
Oh there you are!
When I need a moisterizer for my dried up soul,
Where is Crooky?
He's right here with me..

crooky poem - by max & digibudi

Crooky's first close-up!

And then, the most beautiful buttons arrived at the shop. I just love them. Look at these pretty round things:

Buttons with a cool ceramic-like finishing

Iron buttons with filigraan patterns.. delicious!

I love my job!

Marcsje is about to come over, so I have to run and clean my appartement a bit because this creative Sunday has left a creative mess..

Bye and remember : Clean up afterwards.

Monday, November 17

Distant Dreamer

Once in a while a true talent pops out of the dusty and dry earth. Into the landscape of imagination, song and prose.
I love this song of Duffy very much, it's just so frisky cool.. Distant Dreamer

Sunday, November 9

The Big Digibudi's Goodies Post

Ok, what you need to do first, before reading this post, is to push the play button on this little beauty, and scroll down while listening to the music!
(it's my first interactive blogpost, yeah!)

And on we go with the post!

Max and I hard at work
(look at the poor customer at the back, she has to find the buttons herself while we were striking a pose!)

I've been having this annoying cold this week, so my craft-energy was reduced to some knitting and some knitting and more knitting.. But none the less, I wasn't too ill to take some pictures!

I've been experimenting with different wool types and mixes of both cotton and for instance some Angora wool (which is made out of rabbit fur) and cotton is made out of ... well yes, plants. So you have the rabbit and the plant, both natural as can be. Here's the result, and I think it's pretty nice:

[just click on any picture to see the full size]

Cotton combined with Angora wool, fluffy yet strong.

But what better medicine for a cold than a package full of crafty goodness delivered into your mailbox! This is my birthday present from my dear friend and craft-galore goddess, Sister Diane from Craftypod.

I got so much goodies that I wanted to make a special post for it, but as this is the BIG GOODIES POST , I'm due to show the stuff here:

Diane gave me a Craft Leftover kit for making my own crochet coasters. (I probably got it because she *sucks* at crochet and knitting, no just kidding Diane!)

I love this kit, it's almost to cute to use!

The Craftypod Zine.. full of great gift ideas or things to make just for yourself, because you deserve it.

One of my favorite items inside the package, were these little Chinese 'birds on a wire'..

There were actually three birds but I put one on the key of my closet in my bedroom.. (I'll take a picture of that soon)

A lovely stitched bag to put all the goodies in.

Golden iron buttons, I love buttons baby!

And then there were two amazing magazines 'Gourmet' from 1950, which are my favorite gifts inside this package..
I took some pictures of the coolest parts of this magazine:

The cover of Gourmet 1950, a magazine of Good Living

Yeah, let Rose do it!

Of course it is Party Time, it is ALWAYS party time!

I just love getting under the blankets with a magazine from the 50's, there are just no words to describe the comfy feeling you get from them!

Also one of my favorite thins inside this box of sheer delight:

A litho! I don't know the artist because it's not signed, but numbered. Anyway, I love this illustration so much that I'm gonna frame it and put it on my living room walls - as soon as David will paint them in my favorite color 'Mango-orangy-yellowish'

What else was there? Sooooo much goodies, like this beauty of a wallet for instance:

How could she know that I needed a new wallet? We bloggers got some ESP!

And Diane even put in an American Express card, especially for me to use on other crafty goodies supplies, I suppose..

Rick Rack ribbons! I'm gonna leave them inside there cool vintage packaging.. Or maybe I'm gonna frame them, just too good to be true.. and too pretty to use!

Paillettes! I know some secret project to use them for!

exhibit N°001
I also got this 100% real googly eyes sachet, of which I wonder how it got over the border.. I've got the loot baby! thnx

And the second to first favorite item, the folk vintage ribbons.. also almost to cute to use..

Oh my, sister Diane, you've realy made my visit to the post office so much brighter! Thank you ever so much for this wonderful giftbox of delight..

And now on to some ribbon cutting, It's my new thing you see, to cut lace and ribbon into small segments I can use for different projects.

You need to have some ribbons in different colors or not, and just cut them out. Stick them to whatever needs some! (I stick it on everything with googly eyes)

Like so..

Or so..

You can use them together with fancy xmass ribbons or plain ribbons.

I'm totally in love with some of these ribbons and fringes:

I'm 'back to black' with these couture ribbons

Just look at those sad but sensual black fringes, perfect for a Goth-Project.

And of course, the classic Black Lace ribbon.. adorable, just adorable!

New ribbons have arrived in a genuine Channel style, because we love tweed!

Oh yes, 'November is a lady in tweed!'

And here are some pictures I took today (yes I work on Sundays!) of my part in the shop:

At the back you can spot the table where the workshops are held.

All crafty goodies!

Max taking a picture of me, at the back you see our buttons closset.

On to the dibibudi's doll scarfs:

This is due to go into the packages for Diane and Cathy, when I'm ready! (I'm not ready)

Two digibudi's dolls scarfs, to go with the dolls..

One for Miss Edelweiss - that's the one for Diane

And one for Autumna - that's the one for Cathy.

And last but not least, some of the greatest wool we've got in store!

This wool is called 'Moby', could this be any cooler?

Yes it can be cooler, if your wool is called 'Baba' ;

The Baba wool - you've got to love it!

Ok, I'm going to do some butterfly cutouts, of which I will tell the next time..

Bye cotton-fluffs, and remember:

digibudi with a cold, but still smiling!
'Designers, make it work!'