Friday, January 29

purrrrfect Brigitte

One of my dearest muzes, all time!

my tree

I've drawn this tree, it's the anatomy of organic life

Sunday, January 24

ooh, cross stitched cupcakes on a plate

I'm making this really cool vintage looking cross stitch to hang up in our cute little kitchen. The canvas is painted rose/white stripes. It's not quite finished yet as you can see, but I will add some more details around the center. Like lemons, teacups and other domestic sweetness.


Friday, January 22

my vintage Villeroy Boch plates

As I'm in the middle of moving out of my old apartment I'm packing and unpacking boxes for 7 days now. And sometimes I find pretty things I've forgotten.. like these vintage Villeroy Boch plates. Don't know the year of production but it looks to me like they must be from the 50's. But maybe I'm wrong about that. I don't know, and actually I don't care that much either. :) I just love them.

I the meanwhile I'm learning to speak a little bit of Spanish because Bart and I are going to Gran Canaria in April, so I have to understand the language they speak over there just a little bit.

And in November we're going back to NY and stay at the Waldorf this time. It's the most lovely experience to look forward to.
These are definitely the Golden Years. And I'm enjoying every single bit of it,  it takes courage to enjoy them fully. But when done right and with the best of intentions, it's the most fulfilling state of mind there is.

Thursday, January 14

my painted window - Flemish style

I've made a painted window.


Here are some new sketches. And some banner designs. I'm working on a new look for the digital garden.

digibudi's digital garden new look wallpaper

sketches for new digibudi's dolls

this illustration is inspired by vintage Russian illustrations, it's not yet finished and I'm still working on it.

And here's a fresh baked cookie! It's tasty!

bye! I'm going to bake some more cookies! xoxo