Friday, August 24

We ain't coming out here alive

The coolest of the cool! Lightspeed Champion

Watch out for monsters under your bed, because you can find a friend there. I've got a special monster that hides when the sun comes up, and when the night falls, he always tells me a bedtime story before I fall asleep. He keeps me safe and alert, and sometimes when I feel sad, and I'm crying, he comforts me. And he told me that I don't need to worry, because we're ain't coming out here alive. And that's true. He thaught me, how to live my life now. In this very moment. And that our dreams are woven into reality, and vice versa. There is no dualism, there is only a beautiful dance between our dreams and our activities.

I'm having the greatest time. Yesterday evening Marcsje visited me and we did a movie marathon untill five in the morning!! We watched 'The Philadelphia Story' with Katherine Hepburn (see previous post) and after that the second disc full with extra's, like this movie about Katherine H.'s life, love and work. Just wonderful, the way she looks at things, it beamed right out of her, out of the television, and into our minds. I can honestly say that her opinion changed my life. That's the power of movies, and story telling (they're quite the same in my opinion) they can change you. And I love change.
After that we've watched 'Singing in the Rain', what a glorious feeling.. And the special disc with extra's after that. Gene Kelly is still my favorite of all time. I need to get a good photograph of him, so I can frame it and put it on my desk next to my other heroes).

Slept untill the afternoon, and now I'm getting myself ready for some serious illustrating. The Ghost Girl didn't change much since yesterday. Need to do some time-management this afternoon. :)

A little sketch I did at the beach this afternoon. He (it's not a she) looks rather serious. I think it's from watching all those Hollywood MGM classics yesterdaynight.
Tonight I'm watching, On The Avenue from Irving Berlin, with Dick Powell and Madeleine Carroll.

Catch you later pumpkins! (I can hear the fox calling me for a walk in the forest again)

Thursday, August 23

What I took back from the forest..

Two days at home, yeah! So now I can read, write and draw for two whole days. It's a kinda party. I've got milk, cookies, vegies, fruit and yasmine/mint green tea. And lots of projects to finish, and to start.
I'm buzy right now (this blog post is a little time-out from the illustration I'm making) with Ghost Girl, part 1, the head of the girl. It takes a lot of work. But it's worth it, cause she's allready beginning to show some colors.

Here's a closer look at Ghost Girl, don't mind the colors just yet, they will change and change again and again.

It's always nice to have some transparent layers as a background filling for the upper detailed layers.

And here's a great vid from Animal Collective, Peacebone.

I luuuuuuuv this video. It makes me wanna go all soft and fluffy.

And now for the goodies I've hunted in the forest today..

Part Un: DVD classics:

I've found two DVD's, two of my favorites by the way:

The Philadelphia Story by George Cukor

Under my umbrella, ella, ella, ella... ey, ey ey!

Part Deux : Two great comics:

The Sorcerors Wife, by Charyn-Boucq, realy good European comic

The New Heaven by Mark Hendriks, also European comic-style novel

Part Trois: Les Livres:

And I've found this big book all about Folk and crafts:

The Big Folk Embroidery Book by Mary Gostelow

On this page you see a great embroidered skirt and a nice green hoodie. I love this look. And the book is from the seventies. Great pictures and colors.

The green hoodie with the black embroidered skirt.. great look!

Then, I've found these two treasures:

Bernice Bobs her hair, and other short stories by Scott Fitzgerald

One of my favorite authors is Margaret Drabble. I've almost read everything she wrote. She's a master in writing about simple things and making them sound amazing.

Margaret Drabble, The Waterfall

Now, back to my illustration, because I so want to relax with my new goodies in my bedroom. With that cup of tea next to me. And oh ja, lots of cookies.

Saturday, August 18

Let there be light! (the hook's got the look!)

Got a basket now for my small but very loved collection of wool.

I'm making a new softie, in crochet of course!
I've made a little sketch of it this afternoon at work. I want it to be in black, dark grey and light grey colors, with a bit of skin colored wool for the head part of this creature. It's name will be Black Jack.

Here's the first little sketch of Black Jack, my yet to be softie.

And if anyone is interested in making his/hers own version of Black Jack, I'm glad to share the pattern for making him with you. You can download the picture and use it as a guideline for your work.

Here's the pattern for Black Jack the Softie:

The original pattern for making the Black Jack softie

I'm totally hooked, and today at work all my collegues and job-students were crocheting (I don't know the right spelling of this verb, and I'm too lazy to look it up) and knitting too. It was so funny to watch us all trying our best with the hooks and needles and of course the fiber and wool. But we did allright, and the customers were touched by our enthousiasm that we've selled alot more wool and crochet hooks this Saturday than ever. This proofs my theory that it shouldn't be work, it should be a celebration of energy and enthousiasm. A quiet and bright celebration of craft and artforms as old as mankind itself.

Everything you make holds a memory of who you are.

And speaking about light and love, look what we've just got in at our shoppe! I couldn't resist it, to use them right away.. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the first ever Crochet Hook with Light!

This is the crochet hook when it's used without the light on

But what happens if you want to crochet in the evening, when you're watching one of your favorite old time Hollywood classics? You just turn on the switch and the transparent part of the hook, lights up. You can now easily see the stitches and won't lose anymore of those stitches.

The crochet hook with the light on.. great stuff!

A closer look at the hook.

Nice stitches hey, for someone who didn't know how to crochet untill two weeks ago.. :)

See ya'll, and sail safe! Hay!
I'm back to my cabinet for some serious hardcore crochet!

Thursday, August 16

Illustrator CS2...Let's get this party started!

Yesterday my good friend Gaetan came over to help me with some new software installations. Illustrator CS2 was one of them. So I'm such a happy camper today, that I couldn't wait using my favorite program of all time again, after months of absence.

I've got an email today from Yahoo! in which they mentioned (and warned) that their photo service will be deleted, stopped, finished at 20 September. Luckily there's this link between Flickr and Yahoo, so, the process of transfering all my photos to my Flickr account was done with the touch of a button. Nice!

I've browsed through my old illustrations and newer ones, and found this one here.
And I'm gonna make a full color and vector version from it. And that's where Illustrator comes back in!
Coincidence or not?

I've rearanged my bedroom yesterday afternoon. It's totally different now, and I quite like it. I was watching this old DVD in my bed last night, and fell asleep during the first half. But from what I remember, it's a funny movie. It's called 'Happy Go Lovely', and it's about a stage girl and some rich millionair who fall in love. But the story is not as stupid as the actors in it! David Niven plays the part of the millionair, which he does splendidly swell. :)
I'll have to do some laundry today, and some groceries.. sun is shining and I'll take a walk by the beach after my household tasks..(it will be my reward for keeping my house in order).

So, after doing the groceries and the other household issues, I'm back to my illustration of the girl. I've found a good name for this illustration, "Ghost Girl". I've got my inspiration for the color swatches from this beautiful photograph I've scanned in from Vogue July 2007's photoshoot on "Ghost Girls" by David Sims.

Gatsby ghost girls, John Galliano, Vera Wang and Stephen Jones

I do love the colors in this picture, so I've scanned it, opened Photoshop CS2, went to Image Ready to get the color swatches of this particular photograph and then saved it as an Adobe exchange Swatch file.

The scanned image opened in Photoshop CS2

When you open the picture in Photoshop CS2, you can easily make the colors more softened, toned and stronger by using the Smart Blur tool and use a little Radius (like 3.0) and a bit more Treshold.

Open the picture in PhotoShop CS2, open Image Ready, save the swatches as an Adobe Exchange file.

After that, just open your own illustration in Illustrator CS2, open your swatches palet, search for the Adobe Exchange color swatch you've just made in Image Ready et voila:

Blown up image of the color swatches extracted from the original photograph.

The cool color palet is now a swatchpalet in Illustrator!

Now let's use these colors for coloring my illustration of the "Ghost Girl".

Sunday, August 12


Ones in a while, a good produced and fine tuned studio track has some qualities beyond commercial succes.

I'm having a second thought about the 'Umbrella' song from Rihanna, featuring Jay-Z (which I'm not such a big fan of). But hey, it's all about being open-minded, and therefore I need to keep that open mind.
But I love this song very much.It's layered, it's interesting and it has a nice and professionaly made finish to it..

Here are some of the most yummy fabrics I've seen at
Their collection of Japanese prints is to die for. They are just to pretty to cut with a pair of scissors but instead you would want them framed and hanging on your bedroom walls. A little bit too pretty almost. But that would be a contradiction, and as far as I know, Japanese fabrics are the best!

Aren't they just the best?

Saturday, August 11

Hey Eugene!

I would love to have a homemade quilt-calendar to hang in mij hobby room. I found this design and I'm gonna use it as an inspiration. It will totally look different, but it will be a quilted calendar! In a way it reminds me of my childhood. The whole prairie and back to nature were the things I grew up with. And this quilted gem is too gorgeous to let it pass by. And I've got so much fabrics and lots of felt, buttons and pearls to finish it of.

The wonderful quilted calendar from

Some wonderful books I spotted whilst browsing, they're on my wish list!

The Best American Series - issue 2006

Art out of Time by Dan Nadel - about unknown comics visionaries

The best American comics - with Harvey Pekar & Anne Elizabeth Moore

The Novelty ACME library by Chris Ware

And now for my newest coolest, here's Pink Martini with Hey Eugene:
(love this song, they play it twice a day at the shoppe)

I'm quite ill today, had to stay home from work.. which sucks.. Went to the doctor and she gave me another box of that filthy Antibiotics. I'm not taking them. It's just a soar throat!

Friday, August 10

The Vogue Inspiration Tour and some hard sucking on that lollipop!

My apartment needed some very important updates. Like doing my dishes (my god, did I eat spinach every evening, or is this dried up mold and fungi I spot on my dishes?) This can't be! So big clean up today.. and now, while I write this I'm relaxing with some Californian Cabernet Sauvignon.. which tastes delicious.
The apartment update is done, and after this not so glamerous household issue, I'm back to my Vogue issues! Which is rather more interesting than going around the flat with a cloth and a bucket with Mr. Proper's Mint & Green Tea cleaner.

And looking up old Vogues for new inspiration..

And inspiration we found!
Which came in the form of two wonderful pictures and some very sweet fabric.. I'll take some pictures soon. The pictures are from my mentor and tutor, the wonderful and extraordinary mister Irving Penn. His work screams ART. No other photographer does it the way he does it. Splendidly swell. Yes, Sir!

" sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down. "
mika - lollipop

Here come some of the hills of time, my old time favorites from mister Irving Penn:

Is this pure bliss, or what?!! Just looking at those makes me feel all good inside.. :)
TENSION, if that word ever needed some explanation, I would certainly introduce 'Tha Works of Penn' to ya!

But! The sweetest of the sweetest photograph taken by this master is definetely this one:

Kate Moss by Irving Penn

And my lovely sexy mika with some advice on life, love and sucking to hard on that lollipop!

Auch! My sweet tooth just pinched, guess I'm a sucker too! :)
catch you later cupcakes!