Saturday, August 18

Let there be light! (the hook's got the look!)

Got a basket now for my small but very loved collection of wool.

I'm making a new softie, in crochet of course!
I've made a little sketch of it this afternoon at work. I want it to be in black, dark grey and light grey colors, with a bit of skin colored wool for the head part of this creature. It's name will be Black Jack.

Here's the first little sketch of Black Jack, my yet to be softie.

And if anyone is interested in making his/hers own version of Black Jack, I'm glad to share the pattern for making him with you. You can download the picture and use it as a guideline for your work.

Here's the pattern for Black Jack the Softie:

The original pattern for making the Black Jack softie

I'm totally hooked, and today at work all my collegues and job-students were crocheting (I don't know the right spelling of this verb, and I'm too lazy to look it up) and knitting too. It was so funny to watch us all trying our best with the hooks and needles and of course the fiber and wool. But we did allright, and the customers were touched by our enthousiasm that we've selled alot more wool and crochet hooks this Saturday than ever. This proofs my theory that it shouldn't be work, it should be a celebration of energy and enthousiasm. A quiet and bright celebration of craft and artforms as old as mankind itself.

Everything you make holds a memory of who you are.

And speaking about light and love, look what we've just got in at our shoppe! I couldn't resist it, to use them right away.. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the first ever Crochet Hook with Light!

This is the crochet hook when it's used without the light on

But what happens if you want to crochet in the evening, when you're watching one of your favorite old time Hollywood classics? You just turn on the switch and the transparent part of the hook, lights up. You can now easily see the stitches and won't lose anymore of those stitches.

The crochet hook with the light on.. great stuff!

A closer look at the hook.

Nice stitches hey, for someone who didn't know how to crochet untill two weeks ago.. :)

See ya'll, and sail safe! Hay!
I'm back to my cabinet for some serious hardcore crochet!


  1. oooh la la, it is like a crochet lightsaber! how cool! i love your yarn basket. i love my yarn bookcase...could gaze at it for hours!

  2. Love that crochet hook! And your stitches do look fabulous.

  3. Oh, Digibudi, your designs and talents always inspire me. I'm horrible with anything involving a needle, but I wish I'd inherited that talent from the women in my family. I enjoy looking though. Keep up the colorful posts!