Friday, August 10

The Vogue Inspiration Tour and some hard sucking on that lollipop!

My apartment needed some very important updates. Like doing my dishes (my god, did I eat spinach every evening, or is this dried up mold and fungi I spot on my dishes?) This can't be! So big clean up today.. and now, while I write this I'm relaxing with some Californian Cabernet Sauvignon.. which tastes delicious.
The apartment update is done, and after this not so glamerous household issue, I'm back to my Vogue issues! Which is rather more interesting than going around the flat with a cloth and a bucket with Mr. Proper's Mint & Green Tea cleaner.

And looking up old Vogues for new inspiration..

And inspiration we found!
Which came in the form of two wonderful pictures and some very sweet fabric.. I'll take some pictures soon. The pictures are from my mentor and tutor, the wonderful and extraordinary mister Irving Penn. His work screams ART. No other photographer does it the way he does it. Splendidly swell. Yes, Sir!

" sucking too hard on your lollipop,
or love's gonna get you down. "
mika - lollipop

Here come some of the hills of time, my old time favorites from mister Irving Penn:

Is this pure bliss, or what?!! Just looking at those makes me feel all good inside.. :)
TENSION, if that word ever needed some explanation, I would certainly introduce 'Tha Works of Penn' to ya!

But! The sweetest of the sweetest photograph taken by this master is definetely this one:

Kate Moss by Irving Penn

And my lovely sexy mika with some advice on life, love and sucking to hard on that lollipop!

Auch! My sweet tooth just pinched, guess I'm a sucker too! :)
catch you later cupcakes!

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  1. ooh, they make me happy too, and warm and fuzzy and full of inspiration! ;) thanks nikolaas!