Sunday, January 30

Feeling romantic with a sky blue striped pillow case

I found this fabric in my stash, totally forgot about it, turning it into a romantic striped pillow case with white broderie anglaise as the topping for this crème fraîche cake..

Bye now and remember : 'Keep it (crème) Fraîche!'

Cupcaked pillow finished, happy!

Just finished my "Cupcaked!" pillow :)
Happy happy!

Friday, January 28

Backside of the 'Cupcaked!' pillow finished

I just finished the backside of the "Cupcaked!" pillow.. tomorrow I'll sew the front and back together and my pillow will be finished! yihaa! :) happy happy

 Bye now, and remember : "A pillow has two sides.." :)

Thursday, January 27

a video of my day job at the restaurant

Here are some photographs put into a little video of the things I make at the restaurant :) my day job
When I'm not sewing and cutting cute fabrics I'm opening oysters, baking fish and editing sauces.. mmmm.. I get hungry again!

Front of my Cupcake pillow is finished

After work we got home, me and my guy, and I finished the front side of the "Cupcaked!" pillow.
For the backside I'm gonna use that shocking pink zipper and some details not yet decided. :)
I had some troubles with that middle cross stitched patch.. because of it's shape, but after some trials and errors, I think it turned out better than expected.. happy happy! :)

Bye now, and remember : "zigzag your way to bliss!"

cutting out the fabrics for "Cupcaked!" pillow case

I'm busy with cutting out the fabric and trying to match and fix all the small problems involving this piece I'm trying to do, called : "Cupcaked!" a pillow case with hand cross stitched patch and some of my recently delivered kawai Japanese fabric.. and of course a shocking pink zipper.. ribbons yet to be chosen :)

As you can see, I have lots of work yet.. The most difficult part will be how to add the oval cross stitch patch inside the center of the pillow.. exciting! So, wish me luck!

Bye now, and remember : "Let's get cupcaked!"

Tuesday, January 25

making sachets, little purses

I've been making some little purses, Sachets I'd like to call them... or Bagettes :)
I love these Japanese fabrics soooo much.. very kawai indeedy!

Just need to add some press-on buttons.. et voila, les sachets son prêts!

Another delivery of Japanese Kawai fabrics

And here's another delivery of new fantastic Japanese fabrics. I got them via Etsy.

Bye now, and remember : Surround yourself with lots of pretty things :)

Monday, January 24

I heart Japanese mail packages

This came in the mail this morning..
Everything was so nicely packaged. :)

Bye now, and remember : 'Sometimes it's all about the package' :)

Friday, January 21

Teckel Dog apron

Just finished my Teckel Dog apron for my shop 'Les Ciseaux sur L'Herbe' :)
Need to take some better pictures but for now these will do.

Bye now, and remember : It's a dogs tail!

Wednesday, January 19

Making thingy things!

Here are some of my new thingy things!
I have no time to tell about them.. busy busy like a bee..xxxx