Thursday, August 27

digibudi's dolls making prt1

And oh yes, I finally started the new bunch of digibudi's dolls.. sketches are done, cross stitch parts which takes the most time in preparing and making are also finished, except one rooster cross stitch patch that's quite big..

Here are the first pieces of Jessamine Garland Slattersly

Right, the first doll of this batch is gonna be a girl!

bits and pieces of the Jessamine Garland Slattersly doll

close ups of some embellishments for Jessamine

Back to the rooster cross stitch patch.. love those colors, it's gonna be swell. :)

digibudi's kitchen set - domestic pleasures

Domestic Pleasures Kitchen Set - Add a touch of fun and elegance to home d├ęcor and kitchen with these 100% cotton kitchen goodies. :) Especially crafted for your domestic pleasures

Greek Vase Apron with big pocket

Greek Vase Apron close up

Pocket close up

Greek Vase Apron apple button close up

Domestic Pleasures Apron and Oven Mitten

Domestic Pleasures oven mitten close up

Domestic Pleasures Apron close up of pocket

Broderie Anglaise close up of Domestic Pleasures Apron

And oh yes, my quilt is finished and is hanging sweetly on my wall

digibudi's digital garden quilt

Wednesday, August 26


I'm making a quilt to hang on my mango colored living room walls.

detail of my quilt with robots

Tuesday, August 25


I've made this apron the other day.. :)

Thursday, August 13

The Burda bag, a forest animal pillow and some swatches

The Burda bag turned out quite nice.. I'm gonna take it for it's first shopping to the fabric store this afternoon, "In Search for pre-Fall curtains". If only Vogue's September issue was out now! I always have to wait until it's actually that month to buy the Vogue issues here in Ostend. Fish, oh we have lots of fresh fish (which I barely eat because it's all a bit to alive for my taste) - but for fashion and style the West-Flanders region does not care for.

So, here's the bag:
(and thanks to Diane for the support, I'd like to see your version of this bag) :)

the Burda bag (pattern #8235)

Notice the blue lounge pants I'm wearing, also made from a Burda pattern.

On the left side there's the forest animal fabric pillow I've made last week.

I have some good news on the digibudi's dolls front, Gemma from London has just arrived in Belgium and she's gonna take three of them to the UK to sell them over there! So fingers crossed, and here's a sneak preview..

New digibudi's doll - Blue Navy - Cappucino doll

Tuesday, August 11

Pied de poule bag in tweed

I'm making this bag with a Burda pattern. I love the tweed fabric, it's dark/black blue and I think it's gonna be perfect for September/October as a pre-fall bag to go shopping for ink cartridges, dvd's, games, it can all go in the bag! Plenty of space and big belt to wear it safe.

and oh yes, I'm using silver thread for this one!