Thursday, December 17

digibudi's perfume secrets #1

It's a fluffy affair!

tasting snow..

Group hug! :)

it's snowing!

my guy :)

Wednesday, December 16

Two new digibudi's dolls

Here are two new members of the family!

Hope you like them..

Thursday, December 3

Nursery Rhymes

Mother Goose is a well-known character in the literature of fairy tales and nursery rhymes which are often published as Mother Goose Rhymes as if Mother Goose herself was the author or collector.
source : wikipedia
clipped from
The Real Mother Goose
The Cat and the Fiddle
  Hey, diddle, diddle!
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon;
The little dog laughed
To see such sport,
And the dish ran away with the spoon.

Thursday, November 12

Back from NYC

first night in NYC, a bit jet lagged, but very happy arriving on Times Sq.

New York City was amazing! The instant we set foot on JFK airport, took the cab to Manhattan Times Sq., I was in love.

I've got so many pictures, stories to tell and things to show, that it's almost too much. So I'm going to divide that big pile of stuff and impressions into bite size bits and blog about it every now and than, for as long as it takes! :)

pure energy on Times Sq.

Let me start with some books I've bought at Barnes & Nobles bookstores.

I'd like the Goo-Gen-Heim

Got this book from the Guggenheim museum near Central Park, I was instantly in love with both the building, the art inside and this cute book from A.C. Hollingsworth about Andy, a little boy who wanders away from his napping father in Central Park to discover a sight on Fifth Av. unlike any he has seen before. I must say, I felt a lot like Andy the day we visited Loyd Wright's masterpiece.. :) still happy when I think about it!

wonderful artwork from A.C.Hollingsworth - 1970

I wanted this book since I was a child, and when looking around inside Barnes & Nobles bookstore on 5th Av. I grabbed this amazingly beautiful work of art and held it like I found a lost friend! :)

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs by Judi Barrett and Ron Barrett

This book is so funny, so original that I couldn't leave this on the bookshelf. The illustrations are so great and the story (which will be turned into a movie soon) is crazy!

page from Cloud with a chance of meatballs

Oh yeah, there are two new digibudi's dolls smiling at me at this very moment..
I'm making new ones today and tomorrow for a shop in Gent. So hopefully they will find a gentle home and a gentle hand which will take good care of them. Because they deserve that..

two new digibudi's dolls waiting for a home

Bye now, be back tomorrow!

and remember: dreams can only come true if you keep on dreaming

Sunday, November 1


Taking a long break, off to NYC with my guy! xoxoxo

When I'm back I'm devoting myself to plenty of new ideas and blogposts!

Monday, September 21

silver stars pillow case and bits and pieces

I'm taking quite a lot of courses these days. JavaScript, Flash 8, Dreamweaver 8 + CSS, ICT.
In between working with tags and classes, strings and booleans I keep on sewing. It gives me the so needed balance from working with abstract and logical behaviors to working with something as earthly as needle and thread.

I love the combo.

I've made a new pillow case,

new digibudi's pillow case with glitter silver stars and fluo pink ribbons

on the backside there's a white zipper

And because my scissors are always scattered around my studio I've been trying a system made à la minute in yellow felt. With simple ribbons attached to it where I can slide my scissors in. Works really well, but I'm working on a slightly fancier model.. Don't know where that's going though. :)

this is the scissor place holder at this moment

the more fancier version

detail of the scissor place holder

cross stitched patch turned into little pocket for the smallest pair of scissors

embellishment cross stitch patch

I'm also trying a new patchwork design, this time I've been using triangle shapes instead of square shapes.

new patchwork pillow case with triangle shapes

It's the first time I've been using triangle shapes, and I like the effect, the possibilities are endless. The backside of this pillow case will be in one piece of fabric.

And I love this fashion drawing from September Issue Italian Vogue

beautiful sketches by the lovely Holly Fulton

And some bits and pieces:

I love these color swatches from knitting wool books

little birdy patch I'm gonna use on my next pillow case

Cooking patch for Bart's Apron, he's a Chef in the kitchen so he's gonna love this! :)

Oh I forgot my laundry and it seems like there's gonna be some rain this afternoon.. better be quick and go back to work..

Saturday, September 19

Must be beauty, what else is there?

I was thinking about life, again.. seems like it's the only thing I do. What a great waste of time life can be. I thought about beauty, and what is considered what the beauty means. It could be different for everybody, but it can also be the same to some.
I've made a tiny poem, it's a kind of Haiku, but different.. :)

"Some say that beauty has no purpose but to please. Than my life is beautiful."

Toon, Sharon and me

It's so simple sometimes. Right in front of our noses, smelling like roses, and still, very hard to find. But when found, it's like this relief and understanding of the most simplest gift received.

title part of the cover art I'm making for Amalia's new album 'As Thaw Sets In'

Oh, and I've made the bag! It's finished. Here are some pictures:

the MangoMustardy digibudi bag (it's already sold!)

close up of the fabric, I love the color

the flap is inner lined with cotton, the inside of the back with the same fabric as the outside

Sharon with the digibudi bag :)

intermezzo with my plant, it's the only plant I have at home so it's very special to me. And last week it suddenly started to grow flowers! (yes, I talk to my plant, but not in weird kind of way)

I've made some photographs of my shell collection:

And a part of the cover album for Amalia (it's looking quite cool at this moment, but I can't show it yet) But I can cheat a little bit by showing parts of it! :)

this is a study of some of the flower parts for the cover, made in Illustrator

Tuesday, September 15

Three digibudi's pillow cases - CraftStylish

Three digibudi's pillow cases - CraftStylish

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Making a new mustard colored bag

a collection of some of my trims and ribbons

I'm making a woven wool fabric mustard colored bag. I love the color of this fabric, it's so pretty.

cutting out the pattern (see post on Burda Bag)

close up of the lovely mustard colored woven fabric

I think it's gonna look pretty nice for this Autumn

Sunday, September 6

three new digibudi's pillow cases - free J.P.Gaultier trax

Last night I had so much energy, that I've made three pillow cases.
I've used the zippers from my old ones, who were 9 years old, and didn't look so good anymore.
So the only thing I've used from my personal stock are some patches and squares of 40cm/40cm is 15.7inch/15.7inch, and that's a standard size for small pillows.

The Patchwork pillow, Chinese Flowers pillow and Gooze on the Farm pillow

this is my favorite, The Patchwork pillow

detail of The Patwork pillow

this time I've put the zippers in the middle of the backside. Which I like better than at the top, this way I can emphasize the zipper with some ribbons or other trims. Zippers are cool, and shouldn't always be hid away. :)

Chinese Flowers pillow

detail of Chinese Flower pillow

Also a favorite (let's be honest, I love them all) is this Gooze on the Farm pillow. The fabric is amazing, real original vintage!

I've used a different kind of fabric for the backside, it's a very light with a rough silky feel to it. Used some trims to compliment the zipper.

I've been thinking about making a Happy & Sad pillow, but I only got as far as this sketch:

design sketch for Happy & Sad pillow case

Tomorrow Bart is taking me out for dinner in a not yet known restaurant, I love surprises like this! And it's even not my birthday, it's his! :)
Tuesday Amalia's coming to check the process of the album cover of which I've been blabbing enough.. So busy but lovely days ahead..

And remember: If you're working on your own, you might as well share it with others. :)

I'm really like this tune, you can get the single + two remix of this Martin Solveig track for FREE when you sign in at the J.P. Gaultier Club! here