Saturday, September 19

Must be beauty, what else is there?

I was thinking about life, again.. seems like it's the only thing I do. What a great waste of time life can be. I thought about beauty, and what is considered what the beauty means. It could be different for everybody, but it can also be the same to some.
I've made a tiny poem, it's a kind of Haiku, but different.. :)

"Some say that beauty has no purpose but to please. Than my life is beautiful."

Toon, Sharon and me

It's so simple sometimes. Right in front of our noses, smelling like roses, and still, very hard to find. But when found, it's like this relief and understanding of the most simplest gift received.

title part of the cover art I'm making for Amalia's new album 'As Thaw Sets In'

Oh, and I've made the bag! It's finished. Here are some pictures:

the MangoMustardy digibudi bag (it's already sold!)

close up of the fabric, I love the color

the flap is inner lined with cotton, the inside of the back with the same fabric as the outside

Sharon with the digibudi bag :)

intermezzo with my plant, it's the only plant I have at home so it's very special to me. And last week it suddenly started to grow flowers! (yes, I talk to my plant, but not in weird kind of way)

I've made some photographs of my shell collection:

And a part of the cover album for Amalia (it's looking quite cool at this moment, but I can't show it yet) But I can cheat a little bit by showing parts of it! :)

this is a study of some of the flower parts for the cover, made in Illustrator

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