Sunday, September 28

I feel like a hysterical Japanese fan!

Next month is my birthday, I'm turning 35, so I was thinking 'Why not celebrate this with a little Old-and-new-friends-get-together-party/drink at my place?
The tittle of my party will be :

"Let's drink a Martini
and dance on Mancini"

So I've been designing some cool invitations, I'm working on some party goodies, I've been sewing some napkins, tablecloth, etc.
I can't show anything, yet! But as soon as the first project is finished I will.. And let me tell you, it's all about 'pastel-picnic with a twist'..

I'm so hooked on this song, I can't understand why exactly, but all I can say is that I really like this song, it's a really nice song.. It is! It has to be.. or else I'm just like a hysterical Japanese fan!
So here it goes, the first Japanese song I really like :

And remember: 'It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing'

P.S.: my heart goes out to Diane. Thinking about Louie. xoxoxo

Wednesday, September 24

Digibudi's Clutter - and the most beautiful song I know

The Cardboard Box -aquarelle by digibudi

I've been cleaning my apartment yesterday and I was looking at all the things and stuff I've gathered during all these years. Some were forgotten, and it took me some time to remember them again. Other things were very carefully hidden away. In between books, underneath drawings and illustrations. I felt like walking in a garden I planted myself, but not remembering where I put the seeds.
I filled cardboard boxes full of stuff, clutter. The whole process of letting go of those possessions was quite exhausting, cause today I felt so tired. So tired that the only thing I can do today is reading. So I'm reading Jane Austen again, which is wonderful. I'm not even bothered for making something crafty. I just gonna read and read and read until the moon and I shall fall a sleep and than I'll dream and dream and dream until the sun wakes me up again..

And all the time I was cleaning and organizing my memories I listened to this, one of the most beautiful songs I know:

Stina Nordenstam, Hopefully Yours

And remember: 'Sometimes it's better to be forgotten, than to forget'

Monday, September 22

Artful Blogging - and the secret of blissful blogging

I'm getting lots of fun out of life these days.. yes sir!

Last week I received the wonderful magazine 'Artful Blogging' from Chris at Prism Trail!.
And what a great magazine it is.

artful blogging 2

All the articles inside this magazine are parts gathered of different blogs. They are then edited in a poetic and intimate style. The whole magazine reads as a book/story in itself, a story told by different people.
Just like reading blogs on the internet, by clicking your way from link to link, from blog to blog. Then there's also that beautiful cohesion; in style of writing (it is edited from real blogs), subject (it's all about Arts & Crafts) and visually (pictures and images).
So I think - after reading almost the whole magazine - that blogs are perfect for printing. Of course they need some little adjustments (like links and comments) but it's almost better than a 'real' magazine. Because I believe it's more alive.

This next quote from the Editor Letter on the first page of the magazine sums it all up:

"I've written before of my strong believe that blogging can be a life-changing experience. It's just as true to say that blogging can be a world-changing experience. I am happy to say that those of us who are artful bloggers are changing the world for the better"

Staci Dumoski - Managing Editor of Artful Blogging

artful blogging 01

artful blogging 1

Artful blogging magazine can be found here.

On another note I've finished my 'I heart my Garden, and you?' cross-stitch project.

garden 4
I heart my garden, and you?

garden 3
Detail 'I heart my garden, and you?'

garden crosstitch 1
Lady bugs

garden 2
and another detail..

Ooh and I've made this little miniature too:

bee crosstitch with honey
This will be a part of a new digibudi doll.

Okay, have to run cause I will be just in time to get back to work (I'm on my lunch break right now), have to run or else I'll be late.. and my boss doesn't blog or doesn't even know what a blog is (duh!).
So I'm pretty sure she won't understand me being late..

And remember : 'There's no honey without some stinging bees'

Tuesday, September 16

The digibudi's dolls parade

They finally arrived at the Digital Garden, three new digibudi's dolls.

From left to right ; Autumna, Miss Edelweiss and Miss Be You Tea Full

My favorite doll, Miss Edelweiss (a present for my dear Sister D.)

A close up of Miss Edelweiss, hand cross-stitched detail

Close up of Miss Edelweiss' face

Miss Be You Tea Full, she likes dreams and poetry and Jasmine Tea

Close up of Miss Tea, little tea pots on her belly

Autumna, the cross stitch doll

Close up of Autumna's cross-stitch detail

Autumna's smiling felt face

I do hope you'll like them all.. I do!
And if anyone is interested in adopting one of my dolls, let me know. They are $40 each. (Except for Miss Edelweiss, as I said before she already has a home with a good friend)

Bye now, I'm posting the great magazine I've got from Christina, Artful Blogging!

Stay tuned..

And remember : 'Keep true to the dreams of thy youth.'

Friday, September 5

Yes, yes, YES!

First of all, here's the coolest video of this week!

That was the coolest video ever, tha' week, Yes Miss!

September is a lady in tweed, walking down the Avenue to her favorite Bistro for a cup of coffee and a muffin..

I've made this cool 'Digibudi's Headphones Bag' for my favorite Job-Student-Colleague, Maxine..

tas max full frontal
Max with the 'Digibudi's Headphones Bag', ready for school in September..

tasje voor max close up headphones
Headphones quilted on the bag-flap! yeah!

maxine tas in zwart wit met kleur
"This bag is the coolest" , Max said.


And now for a little tutorial on how to make your own 'Digibudi's YES-Sachet'..

fabric dmc verpakking
I've got these amazing new fabrics from DMC, right out of the store I work for. It's DMC's Impressions, with baby blue or pink prints on them. I just adore them. The possibilities for using those fabrics in many cool projects is unlimited!

fabric dmc alles 1
I've received two packages which include:
Pink 'Vichy Squares, Hearts and Stripes' and the same designs in Baby Blue.

fabric dmc blue stripes
For this project I've used the Baby Blue Stripes.

Scetch project dmc zakje
I've made the design in my first Moleskine sketchbook.
I've cut out some samples of the silk ribbons and the lace I will use for this sugar sweet project.

dmc project tasje benodigdheden
You will also need some trims (in Broderie Anglaise), some thread for Crosstitching a design unto the little sachet. And of course your fabric and silk ribbon.

dmc garen voor project tasje
The best thing to do is to make a little design onto the fabric. But I've used some pre-cut felt Alphabet letters instead.. Because I didn't had a lot of time.. (due to the fact I've been working my *%@! off lately, and my course for Time-Management hasn't proved to be a good choice..


zakje stof goed leggen

What you do first is;
Put out your fabric and zigzag your way to happiness by sewing the edges of the fabric. Like so..

zakje wondertape 1
I always use this WonderTape when I need to sew pretty details on pretty stubborn fabric. (got it from Prym)

Just tape the Wondertape unto the fabric where you want to sew your ribbon or lace..

zakje wondertape 2
Pull the paper layer of, et voila: You've got a nice little sticky tape where you can put your ribbon or lace. It doesn't stick unto your machine needle, and when you wash it with some warm water it will disappear. Great stuff!

zakje ribbon layout
Just put your ribbon or lace unto the sticky Wondertape, and then all you've got to do is sew.. Nothing will move, no pins will be needed. Isn't that the best?

zakje stikken
Sew the ribbon or lace unto the fabric..

zakje juiste naaigaren
I've used this really cool plastic-fantastic-rainbow thread

zakje gestikt nog niet buitengedraaid
After you sewed the sachet (right sides together, and use a zigzag for security) you'll want to turn it inside out..

zakje afgewerkt 1
Et voila! After some embellishments, and some soft pastel dreaming, the Sachet is finished!


And remember : 'If it isn't sweet, it must be sour!'