Sunday, September 28

I feel like a hysterical Japanese fan!

Next month is my birthday, I'm turning 35, so I was thinking 'Why not celebrate this with a little Old-and-new-friends-get-together-party/drink at my place?
The tittle of my party will be :

"Let's drink a Martini
and dance on Mancini"

So I've been designing some cool invitations, I'm working on some party goodies, I've been sewing some napkins, tablecloth, etc.
I can't show anything, yet! But as soon as the first project is finished I will.. And let me tell you, it's all about 'pastel-picnic with a twist'..

I'm so hooked on this song, I can't understand why exactly, but all I can say is that I really like this song, it's a really nice song.. It is! It has to be.. or else I'm just like a hysterical Japanese fan!
So here it goes, the first Japanese song I really like :

And remember: 'It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing'

P.S.: my heart goes out to Diane. Thinking about Louie. xoxoxo


  1. Okay, it's been over a week. Where's the goodies?!?

  2. That's exciting - I love planning for parties :)

  3. What's going on, dude? Three weeks!