Wednesday, September 24

Digibudi's Clutter - and the most beautiful song I know

The Cardboard Box -aquarelle by digibudi

I've been cleaning my apartment yesterday and I was looking at all the things and stuff I've gathered during all these years. Some were forgotten, and it took me some time to remember them again. Other things were very carefully hidden away. In between books, underneath drawings and illustrations. I felt like walking in a garden I planted myself, but not remembering where I put the seeds.
I filled cardboard boxes full of stuff, clutter. The whole process of letting go of those possessions was quite exhausting, cause today I felt so tired. So tired that the only thing I can do today is reading. So I'm reading Jane Austen again, which is wonderful. I'm not even bothered for making something crafty. I just gonna read and read and read until the moon and I shall fall a sleep and than I'll dream and dream and dream until the sun wakes me up again..

And all the time I was cleaning and organizing my memories I listened to this, one of the most beautiful songs I know:

Stina Nordenstam, Hopefully Yours

And remember: 'Sometimes it's better to be forgotten, than to forget'


  1. I love your imagery of the garden and forgetting where you planted the seeds, that's very poetic.

  2. Thanks for for introducing me to Stina. Yes! That is now my favorite song too. Gorgeous and touching.