Saturday, July 21

Fabric Gallore - loads of pictures...

Aaah.. Summertime!

Reading books barefoot in the park, stroling down sunset boulevards and organising my craft-room.. I'm a happy man. Julz and me jumped into the sea to wash away all of the negative vibes we got from our ex-boyfriends.. so much fun, and it started to rain!

I'm almost done with the second box I've got from my moms teacher. Fabrics gallore all over my appartement these last few weeks. But the pile of flippin' gorgeous, fantastic and weird swatches of fabric is lessening (is that a word?).

The second box of four boxes stacked with the coolest fabrics

Here you can see some of my folding work,

which I've done almost all day long yesterday. Whilst listening to my favorite podcasts ; Craftypod (with marvelous Sister Diane) and Craftsanity (with Julie Jersild Roth).

I also took some pictures on our way to Julz place..

Here's a Sunset in Ostend

And here you see the big ship called 'Mercator', I walk by it almost everyday

Julz struttin' her way back home

And now for my new goodies!

Trims, fabrics and

Trims, in many colors and shapes

A lovely ladybird in electric colors, made with my mobile.. I love the effect, I didn't even use filters to make the grass look such emerald green

all clean and folded, held together with red ribbons

One of my favorite fabrics from box nr. 1, it's so colorful and fun!

summer fruits and picknicks trim

Lovely vintage trim

And reading a good book while my blue mini-bike is waiting at the tree for me, where will we go next, blue mini-bike? Shall we ride the summerfields again? Or wait 'till autumn leafs cover the roads..

Reading books barefoot in the park..

Oh yeah, the blue mini-bike rides again!

I love this roses-fabric, it's so loud!

Ecru and white fabric.. topped with some blue and yellow..

New pearls at my workshoppe, and new necklaces I've made with the new pearls!

the blue rocailles necklace I've made with several small necklaces put together..
(it was sold yesterday)

Some ingredients for the Lemon-Drops necklace I'm making (as I'm writing this, it's allready finished)

The Tangerine Goes to Africa necklace, I've made this one with very big heavy wooden pearl and some nacre pearls and african surf beads..

A part of the Emerald City necklace I've made with some help from my friendly job-student Anneleen..

More pictures next time! I'm back to Sun, Sea and Sand..(between my toes)

Saturday, July 14

Monday, July 9

Workshops! ---- Go your own way

And a super-duper video.. The song was in my head all day, and I didn't even know it was from one of my favorite bands, untill I've YouTubed it and here it is:

My oh my.. I've been asked from my big boss to do Workshops in our little shoppe. Oh my, I love th idea of it, but it's also a bit scary.. which I like, actually.. I think I'm gonna just Jump! and see what happens, I've got some more time untill September. So, let's research!
I went out alot with my friends this week, and we've been eating, drinking and sleeping together like one big family. Which was great! Now it's kinda back to organising some papers and files at my job. New filing system ---> love it! I like to keep things organised, like in 'organise', or 'lists' and 'things to do-lists', without them I would never get anything done. My mind is organic, but the system we live in, isn't! So we need these little helpful schemes to make it easier and therefore much more possible to create.
Organisation creates liberation and therefore inspiration which will lead eventually to creation. That's my own little shant I tell myself everyday.. it really helps me out.

Here are some pictures I've been making with my mobile...

Julzy with her amzing new red bag..

You can even wear it on your back, this amazing red bag!

Marcsje eating a very thin pizza..

Buttons for dinner!

After dinner sewing..

On my bike bringing the new goodies home..

Julie from work.. (all those Julzys, Julies and July's..)

Martine from work.. looking rather cool..

Julz and July talking about 'LOVE'..

and here's Julzy Wulzy looking out for her new boyfriend..

Had a wonderful week.. And I've got plenty of pictures more, but that's for another day, another post.. I'm gonna make a very big pot of Spaghetti tonight.
Yumyum in my tumtum..
Yes, Sir!

Sunday, July 8

Monday, July 2

Love Today

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! Mika disco's! (and yeah, rocks too!)