Monday, July 27

Simon's shirt and Forrest Animals pillow case - the big post

Nice and busy days full of friends passing by and fireworks at night on the beach.. sewing big time again.. even making preparations for new dolls (which I didn't feel like making anymore for a while, but I guess that it's good sometimes to walk away from things to get back on them later with new fresh ideas and motivations).. phew.. that was quite a long sentence.

I've made Wouter a digibudi's lounge pants.. in sweet and soft cotton with pied de poule design in green/brown, and finished with golden thread. I love golden thread.. especially on simple lounge trousers.. that become instantly more special, and as this is a gift to someone special, it makes sense.

Wouter's digibudi's lounge pants with golden thread

I also did some serious organizing, I stayed up all night (until 5.00am) to get all my unfinished projects from under the dust. Lots of cross stitched patches.. some I'm gonna use for the digibudi dolls, some I'm gonna use for pillow cases, and some for purses and other small cute presents.

I like making a mess with all my craft goodies, it always looks so joyful and colorful. So I made this picture because of those lovely messy threads

staying up late one night organizing my craft goodies,

When I stay up that late, I always keep FB in the background on my computer, listening in the meantime to some LibriVox audio books. This time I'm listening/reading some parts too of Grand Hotel Babylon by Arnold Bennet. I love this book very much, it's very modern for it's time. Not that I'm such a literature connoisseur, I just like it a lot. And would recommend this book to everyone. You can listen, download or read it all here.

I came across the cross stitched hedgie I did some time ago. I've promissed this purse to someone, but I can't remember who it was.. So if the person whome this purse belongs to, please leave a comment, because I forget easily.. :) which is a blessing really but not on the subject of gifts and promises.. must make mental note.. but I'll forget that too... must write it down.. but where's my notebook again?

glitter hedgie cross stitched purse/pencil case - oh wait.. did I promise this to Cathy? I remember something now, something about a pencil case..

I've also started painting my living room walls today.. this is the before and after.. still need to do the second layer.
But I like the sunshine yellow mango color I've chosen.. it's so bright and cheerful!

mango colored walls.. goes perfectly with my purple chair and my paintings

On the subject of home interiors, I love these two ideas I found on the web, can't remember where though. But I've got pictures:

great idea!

simple and clean

As I'm so into yellow this year, I love these shelves and their simple design. I think if you have bright colors at home like I have, it's always clever to keep furniture simple and clean. This way it isn't too much of a good thing. I like to tone things down with blacks/very dark brown and whites.

I've finished the Paint 'n Mess Shirt for nephew Simon. I think it's a nice shirt for a first timer. :)

this is Simon:

Simon Debeuf my 3 years old nephew

Simon's Paint 'n Mess shirt

I'm sewing a pillow case with some left over fabric.

I'm using green passe polle, I don't know the exact word for it, but it's basically a cord with some biais lining..

I found out that sewing with the zipper foot is the best way because the cord has a thickness almost the same as a zipper.

because I had not enough fabric for the pillow case, I've used some ordinary white cotton as a background layer, I can embellish the middle part with buttons or a nice trim..

I'm eating Mozzarella with tomatoes, and plenty of olive oil.. with some fresh ground black pepper.. and some basil :)

Saturday, July 25

Victory! Simon's Pain't 'n Mess Shirt collar

The collar for Simon's Paint 'n Mess Shirt is not perfect, but for me it's VICTORY! :)
It's a Paint 'n Mess Shirt for my nephew who's 3 years old. It's a bit too big, but he'll grow into it.
And with this shirt on he can paint and make a mess as much as he likes.

my first shirt collar

close up of collar

pocket with crayon button

stitching with green embroidery silky thread

Next part of this project are the sleeves. I'm choosing short sleeves so I don't have to bother with arm length.

Thursday, July 23

Making the shirt - difficult collar

Making a shirt, difficult collar..

the collar

pinning the collar onto the neck part

closer look

adding the front piece.. difficult!

closer look at the front piece attached to the collar..

now I'm gonna take a coffee break..

Tuesday, July 21

Beautiful losers

Just watched this movie on YT, it's a must see! :)

Making lounge pants

I'm making lounge pants with a cool soft squared-fabric.

Monday, July 20

Good News

Just got back from my lawyer and I've got good news.. So here's a song to celebrate!

Sunday, July 19

Beautiful song

I had to share this.. it's such a catchy song, original by KokoKaina - Zee Avi.

Wednesday, July 15

Mister Jotter Parker and the virtuous rectangle

I love my parker ballpoint and my moleskine. What else does a boy need?

mister jotter parker and the virtuous rectangle


It's Summertime, I'm lazy, don't care.. here's an illustration..
I'm off to the beach again.. xoxo

by digibudi