Wednesday, January 30

Retro Techno party

I've had to make a flyer for a Techno party (why not?) with a retro theme. So yesterday Dj Pinhead and Le-X came over and we sent the files to the printer, online.

Just when we've mailed it, we noticed something!

The stupidest of the stupidest error one can make;
I didn't put the date on the flyer! Oh, did we stress..

But all is well, after loads of emails, phonecalls.. and adjustments the right files (with date) were sent to the printer. Phew..

So here's the design (remember, it's a techno party so it had to be a bit loud and in your face)

Retro Techno front Retro Techno back
Retro Techno Party flyer..

It's a lesson well learned, I must say.. :)

Sunday, January 27

Be You Tea full (and some coffee)

Look at the fabrics! They're wonderful..

A friend of mine, Martin Vanmassenhove gave me all kinds of fabric swatches and knitted swatches to use for doll making or other projects. They're the finest quality of italian knitted and woven fabric. I'm very happy with them, and he promised me to give me much, much more of those.. You're Welcome Martin! Anytime! :)

I love swatches! Colors are like food to me.. And this is a great gala diner to me..

IMAG0020 IMAG0022
Great new fabrics..

Yesterday evening Pinhead asked me to do him a favor, 22th of February there's gonna be a mega techno party and the person who was set to do the flyer can't do it anymore because of a computer crash! Good thing for me, Pinhead asked me to do it instead.. Of course I'll do it! I'm happy to. The theme is Retro Techno part I. (yeah, right! part 1, so there's gonna be a part 2, I'm doing that flyer too!) So we decided to do the old, and a bit corny, style of the firstTetris game for Nintendo GameBoy. Not very original but it's gonna be perfect for that kind of party. (With Dj's like: A-Bat, LE-X, The Rhydhem Fixer, Pinhead... What would one expect?
But I love it!

I've got this amazing looking vase at home, and I'm kinda wondering if it is a true Art Nouveau piece.. I must find someone who can identify this piece, because I've got a feeling it's kinda worth something..

IMAG0002 IMAG0003

What does M.W. mean? Hmmm... I'll investigate this pretty object later..

This morning I woke up with the hilarious Amy Sedaris on my PSP. I think she's one of the funniest women around, especially around the blogosphere. She was also in the panel of the Blog Her event last year.

Listen to some very funny samples of her new audiobook I like you - Hospitality under the influence. I want that book!

Amy Sedaris - I like you

I'm so hooked on coffee, but I usually drink it black, no sugar. But since I've seen these crazy and strange milkcups I'm using milk in my morning coffee.. I just couldn't resist them, just look at them:

Who thinks of that? What kind of weird person wakes up one morning, and says to himself, 'ooh, let's use pictures of wild animals on my milkcups. To spice up everyone's coffee break! Yeah, and I'll make the world a better place.."

As I'm painting my living room walls next week, I took some pictures of the drawings people made on my wall. Just to have a memory of them later..

IMAG0001 IMAG0014
Bits and pieces of my living wall drawing..
IMAG0009 IMAG0010
All my friends melted together in one crazy drawing..


And here are some beautiful pictures of Ostend, my little city where I live. Photographed by Jonna aka Pinhead:

The Water Tower of Ostend

The skating Velodrome in Ostend, underneath the snow..

Kunak in the woods

Oh yes! Wildlife in Ostend.. this is a bird. :)

I'm going for a walk on the beach and then back to the studio to make some more stuff.. Today is my last day of a week vacation.. But I'm happy to go back to work, because I miss my collegues and also my trims, pearls and threads..
Oh yeah, I forgot, the new collection of summer wool has arrived last week, so I'm very curious what kind of wool there will be..

P.S.: thnx Junkthief for the nicest comments! And oh yeah, the New Young Pony Club rocks!

Saturday, January 26

Friday night at digibudi's

A visitor Drawing on the walls in my livingroom, must take a better picture to see the whole effect, it's nice.. but next month I'm gonna paint it over.

Work in progress..

Some home made jewelry I've made for myself:

The key bracelet

Kopie (2) van IMAG0001
The coin bracelet (I really love this one)

Lots of metal! All mixed together..

And here's a preview of our new sub logo for the shop.. Not just one logo, but all kinds of different styles and colors mixed together..
There's clearly one message: Hello, New Me.


And I'm almost finished with my Cooking cross-stitch side project..

Kopie van IMAG0001

And here are some little pictures I took from some embroidery floss:

IMAG0009 IMAG0010 IMAG0011 IMAG0013 Kopie van IMAG0008 IMAG0012

Listening to Bob Mould and making stupid video's like this one:

Friday, January 25

New Doll making

Long time no blog, but so much hapening in my life, that it feels kinda good to had a break from my computer. At work everything is great, couldn't be bettter. Yesterday I went to Ghent for the presentation of the new advertisment campagne. The key words are : pink, new me, hello, rebirth. Which suits perfectly within my new perseption of life. Growing up is the message!
Some people grow up, others just grow old. - Soooo true!

I've been making crazy things, like new bracelets, and some cross-stitching kitschy-folk-vintage embroidery. Which I absolutely adore making, it is relaxing and does wonders for my concentration and patience.

I'm expecting Jonna every minute now, for discussing the website I'm making for him. He's a DJ and is really into Minimal. Which I love myself. As soon as the website is finished I'll put up a link under WebGems.

I bumped into Charlotte Mutsaers a writer here in Belgium from Dutch origin, who lives and works in Ostend. Her new book just came out and I'm getting a signed copy of it. Which is wonderful.. I truly adore her style in writing, it's funny, clever and poetic.. three things I'm looking for in a partner.. I'm sure there must be someone out there.. :)

Tomorrow it's Brussels for me, shopping for some new fabrics in the biggest fabric store of Belgium.. That's gonna be interesting.. searching for new ideas and buying loads of fabrics..

Also looking for new colors to paint my living room and bedroom.. I'm thinking: light-fruits-springtime-aquarel-pastel with a pinch of vintage Laura Ashley/dried flowers, etc..

I'm busy with my first payed assignement for three new dolls. Here's a preview of the first one, which is still in the making.

Fabric of choice

With great buttons to match - but not to match perfectly (there always has to be a twist, otherwise it gets boring - like in boring beige)

great buttons with a cross-stitch look

Anatomy of a doll :)

A kinda sad looking face, but the buttons will chear her up..

Bye for now, so good to be back!
Jonna arrived..

let's do the work!

Tuesday, January 22

I can make you ice cream

My favorite group of this time, New Young Pony Club

I'm almost ready making my own ice cream!