Wednesday, January 30

Retro Techno party

I've had to make a flyer for a Techno party (why not?) with a retro theme. So yesterday Dj Pinhead and Le-X came over and we sent the files to the printer, online.

Just when we've mailed it, we noticed something!

The stupidest of the stupidest error one can make;
I didn't put the date on the flyer! Oh, did we stress..

But all is well, after loads of emails, phonecalls.. and adjustments the right files (with date) were sent to the printer. Phew..

So here's the design (remember, it's a techno party so it had to be a bit loud and in your face)

Retro Techno front Retro Techno back
Retro Techno Party flyer..

It's a lesson well learned, I must say.. :)

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