Friday, January 25

New Doll making

Long time no blog, but so much hapening in my life, that it feels kinda good to had a break from my computer. At work everything is great, couldn't be bettter. Yesterday I went to Ghent for the presentation of the new advertisment campagne. The key words are : pink, new me, hello, rebirth. Which suits perfectly within my new perseption of life. Growing up is the message!
Some people grow up, others just grow old. - Soooo true!

I've been making crazy things, like new bracelets, and some cross-stitching kitschy-folk-vintage embroidery. Which I absolutely adore making, it is relaxing and does wonders for my concentration and patience.

I'm expecting Jonna every minute now, for discussing the website I'm making for him. He's a DJ and is really into Minimal. Which I love myself. As soon as the website is finished I'll put up a link under WebGems.

I bumped into Charlotte Mutsaers a writer here in Belgium from Dutch origin, who lives and works in Ostend. Her new book just came out and I'm getting a signed copy of it. Which is wonderful.. I truly adore her style in writing, it's funny, clever and poetic.. three things I'm looking for in a partner.. I'm sure there must be someone out there.. :)

Tomorrow it's Brussels for me, shopping for some new fabrics in the biggest fabric store of Belgium.. That's gonna be interesting.. searching for new ideas and buying loads of fabrics..

Also looking for new colors to paint my living room and bedroom.. I'm thinking: light-fruits-springtime-aquarel-pastel with a pinch of vintage Laura Ashley/dried flowers, etc..

I'm busy with my first payed assignement for three new dolls. Here's a preview of the first one, which is still in the making.

Fabric of choice

With great buttons to match - but not to match perfectly (there always has to be a twist, otherwise it gets boring - like in boring beige)

great buttons with a cross-stitch look

Anatomy of a doll :)

A kinda sad looking face, but the buttons will chear her up..

Bye for now, so good to be back!
Jonna arrived..

let's do the work!

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