Sunday, October 28

Books & Coffee

Here's something I haven't showed you yet. It's a ghost-site/business that's called Books & Coffee.
It's supposed to be situated in New York City, Greenwich Village nearby Washington Place.

Here's my Flashcollage, Before the Crash - A New York City Murder Mystery

It's a bookstore and coffeeshop at the same time.
I build a website around this concept and a brochure and comercial campagne too, in the form of photographs and posters.

Here are some of the images I've made and a walk thru the website of my ghost-project Books & Coffee.

The postcards to promote the Books & Coffee shop.

These are screenshots of the Books & Coffee website:

The Menu

happy Sunday cupcakes!

Saturday, October 27

To Do List and XS

This is my newest side-project, I'm cross-stitching this at this very moment..
(I watched 'Freaks' a few days ago, and I'm totally into Circus)
I'll use this as a decoration for a little bag/case I'll make from the sweetest fabric!

I'm having two days off work, yeah! It's been ages since I've had two whole days all for myself. And I'm so excited about all the hours I can spent in my craftstudio.
So I've made myself a little list to remind me of all my projects that I'm doing at this moment:
  • Making a new doll with very pretty and interesting fabrics I've allready chosen to use.
  • Cross-Stitching (XS) small versions of the dolls on little bags to accessorize my dolls.
    (it's rather difficult to explain, but I'll post some example tomorrow or the day after that)
  • Designing my own Xmass cards for this year. (I'm thinking a cross-stitched Xmass tree, scan it in on my computer, and printing it out on glossy paper. Cutting it out and signing the back and then sent it to my friends.
  • More work to do on the knitted quilted blanket. (I'm using crochet flowers on some of the squares, and it looks really cool)
  • Making purses or handbags from my dolls. Instead of filling them up with cotton stuffing, I'll sew on a zipper and the arms can be used as holders. (I'll make a prototype this week)
  • Illustrating a 'Four Eyed Monster - with little monsters on the side' and sending it to , just to say thank you for the amazing movie they've made.
  • Finishing the Birth Card for Jonna and Wendy.(have some more weeks, but it's getting shorter!)
  • Finishing the website for DJ Pinhead (got some more months for that)
  • Finishing the decor for the first scene for 'Bonus Track' video for Amalia.

I think that's all for the upcoming months.. I'm sure I forgot some, but the list is long enough to be busy..

I'm sooooo adoring the Roisin Murphy album.. like I said before.. I'm sure :)
But it's the best!
Can't wait for more video's of her too.

Here's the wonderful interview with Roisin Murphy herself:

Tuesday, October 23

The family is getting bigger - Scarletta Brushetta

Had the most strange dream last night!
I was in love with someone, and we were making love... at my job! In the shop! But it didn't look like the shop I'm working. It looked totally different, more like an old antique shoppe. The next moment I was explaining to some passenger on the streets how you can fly. And putting action to my words, I showed her/him how you can fly. And I remember that I said : "Be carefull not to go to high, or you'll find it very difficult to get back on the ground.." The next moment I was actually flying a bit to high, and I couldn't get back on the ground. Typical! I was a bit scared, but also quite excited. Then I woke up.
How strange a dream, I was totally exhausted when I opened my eyes.

I took a long bath after that.. .. And outside the sun was shining.. freshly made coffee, (had three cups, to recover from my strange dream).
Let's make a doll today, but first a walk on the beach and some shopping for groceries..
I also went to the library and found this DVD:

It's Freaks from Tod Browning..!!! Yeah!
I can't wait to see this movie. Marcsje is here right now, and later on Gaetan is coming over.. So we watch it together.. hihi.. Freaks watching freaks it's gonna be tonight! Another Yeah!

So, today I've made my new doll. But it doesn't have a name yet..
I've also made a small tutorial on how to make the doll, here it goes:

Cut out the fabrics and try to be a bit accurate about the measurements..

Ad some pins and some lines in chalk (or a pencil) onto the fabric and start sewing!

Sew the felt onto the other fabric (this is the head and body part of the doll, but the arms and hands or legs and feet or made the same way)

here are two parts of one arm

Here you see the both parts sewed together, now you have to turn the inside out..

Add with some pins a nice and sweet trim underneeth the face part of the doll.. (this will be the collar)

Now it's time to sew on the buttons for eyes, and the mouth and some cheeks and some freckles..

Intermezzo.. The sky was so blue this afternoon, that I just stared at it for a few moments, and took this picture. This is the amazing view I see when I'm sitting in my craftstudio. Notice the weird kinda terrace build with wood an the top left of this picture. Strange! Sometimes I see some person working on it. But it's been there for years now, and it always stays the same. There is no process. So, what the heck is he doing outthere?
(to be continued..)

Here you see the finished face..

And a closer look at the sewing.. (the freckles are done with a marker)

Sew on the arms on the good side of the body part..

Fold the arms such a way that they are inside the body part

Put on the other side of the body part, and turn over..
Now it's time to carefully sew those to body parts (with the arms neatly folded inside) together..

Be careful when you go past the arms.. this is the tricky part, because the fabrics are quite thick.. And you have to sew very slow, so that the arms don't move.. (pins are helpful here)

Turn the doll inside out..

Stuff the doll with some soft stuffings.. That's the best part of the doll making..
All you have to do now, is find a good well-suited name for your doll. From that moment on, it will be alive.

Et voila, look who's getting an attitude allready!
Let's call her Scarletta Brushetta - She makes the most wonderful Brushetta's covered with tomatoes and basil.. yumyum..

And here they are all together..

Oh, here's the greatest picture of my new nephew!
His name is Simon, and he's the son (and sun) of my brother Matthias.
I gave him a slice of bread the other day, look how happy he is with it:

Normally I hate baby pictures, but hey, this is my nephew!

Bye for now!

P.S. : Junkthief: Thanks for the comment! I love those fabrics too, I'm gonna make lots more from them..