Sunday, October 28

Books & Coffee

Here's something I haven't showed you yet. It's a ghost-site/business that's called Books & Coffee.
It's supposed to be situated in New York City, Greenwich Village nearby Washington Place.

Here's my Flashcollage, Before the Crash - A New York City Murder Mystery

It's a bookstore and coffeeshop at the same time.
I build a website around this concept and a brochure and comercial campagne too, in the form of photographs and posters.

Here are some of the images I've made and a walk thru the website of my ghost-project Books & Coffee.

The postcards to promote the Books & Coffee shop.

These are screenshots of the Books & Coffee website:

The Menu

happy Sunday cupcakes!


  1. Oh, Nikolaas, this is just wonderful! I just checked your other videos as well, and they are all so nice. I'd like the Sylvia Plath Salad, please! I think you should be charging more, though. I've never seen a salad go for less than $15 in Manhattan. Any plans for a San Francisco branch?

  2. You're Sylvia Plath Salad is on the way, would you like some refreshments with that? Thanks! I'm charging Belgian prices I suppose.. :) I would love to create something of a ghost Indie crafting store for SanFran.. that would be nice! It will feature the worlds largest knitted scarf. ;)