Saturday, October 27

To Do List and XS

This is my newest side-project, I'm cross-stitching this at this very moment..
(I watched 'Freaks' a few days ago, and I'm totally into Circus)
I'll use this as a decoration for a little bag/case I'll make from the sweetest fabric!

I'm having two days off work, yeah! It's been ages since I've had two whole days all for myself. And I'm so excited about all the hours I can spent in my craftstudio.
So I've made myself a little list to remind me of all my projects that I'm doing at this moment:
  • Making a new doll with very pretty and interesting fabrics I've allready chosen to use.
  • Cross-Stitching (XS) small versions of the dolls on little bags to accessorize my dolls.
    (it's rather difficult to explain, but I'll post some example tomorrow or the day after that)
  • Designing my own Xmass cards for this year. (I'm thinking a cross-stitched Xmass tree, scan it in on my computer, and printing it out on glossy paper. Cutting it out and signing the back and then sent it to my friends.
  • More work to do on the knitted quilted blanket. (I'm using crochet flowers on some of the squares, and it looks really cool)
  • Making purses or handbags from my dolls. Instead of filling them up with cotton stuffing, I'll sew on a zipper and the arms can be used as holders. (I'll make a prototype this week)
  • Illustrating a 'Four Eyed Monster - with little monsters on the side' and sending it to , just to say thank you for the amazing movie they've made.
  • Finishing the Birth Card for Jonna and Wendy.(have some more weeks, but it's getting shorter!)
  • Finishing the website for DJ Pinhead (got some more months for that)
  • Finishing the decor for the first scene for 'Bonus Track' video for Amalia.

I think that's all for the upcoming months.. I'm sure I forgot some, but the list is long enough to be busy..

I'm sooooo adoring the Roisin Murphy album.. like I said before.. I'm sure :)
But it's the best!
Can't wait for more video's of her too.

Here's the wonderful interview with Roisin Murphy herself:


  1. Nikolaas - I want a XMas card - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!?!?

    and i met the girl who made 4 Eyed MOnsters and she is very nice. I agree, that is a lovely film!

  2. Hi Eva, it's so good to hear from you again.. I've missed you.
    Oooh! That's so cool.. I wish I didn't live in Belgium, people are very narrow minded here. I mean, there aren't as many cool people here, because it's so small. It's like that sentence in the Bj├Ârk song; "This town is getting to small, for my big feelings".. The advantage of course is that there's a lot of time to pursue your own dreams, I don't get seduced often to go places here in town. :)
    I'll sent you a Xmass card! Surely! But I need your home adress again (I've lost it again, and I'm so ashamed for that) Send it to my email adres, would you? and maybe I'll can put a doll in it too, because you still have to get your prize, remember!