Wednesday, October 10

My second doll - and a lot of U.F.O.'s

I so love october.. november.. mmm.. I love the smell of rotting leafs underneath the earth.
And I love the fact that I'm gonna travel!
We're going to San Fransisco next Spring!
(junkthief, if you read this; do you know of some cool places to go for when in San Fran?)
I'm so excited..

But first, I need to get some U.F.O.'s in order (spells : unfinished objects).

It's nice to have a craft room all for yourself..


The more room for crafts... the more room for U.F.O.'s..

yeah! Like I didn't know that was coming.

Here are some pictures of the second doll I've made so far!

catch you later!


  1. SMOOOOCH! LOVE your dolly, love to hear from you and WISH i was in SF when you were going to be there! Come visit Vermont someday and bask in the white sugary snowy goodness!

    xo Eva

  2. Merci beaucoup pour visiter ma page!

    I like your doll. It needs a lot of love.

  3. Oh, I like this new doll.

    So you're coming to my city! We should meet for tea as I did this summer with Eva Deadbeat. Well, there are so many places to visit. If it's your first visit it's worth seeing the touristy places like Fisherman's Wharf, the bridge, Golden Gate Park. There is much to see and do in my neighborhood the Mission as well. Spring is usually very nice, especially if you come after mid-April after the rains have ended and everything is green.

  4. oo, wat een cute cute poppetje!!!! can't wait 2 feel, touch it and see it.

    ik zit tot over mijn oren in het schoolwerk. interieurvormgeving...ik had iets minders abstracts verwacht (figuratief, no prob, praktisch, zelfs conceptueel maar abstract ) en strak...ik en rechte lijnen :/ ... rechtlijnig denker als ik ben.

    soit, ik kom woensdag naar oostende. is het goed als ik rond sluitingstijd binnenspring? kan ook wat later zijn, ik bel dan wel.

    SF next spring already?
    is financieel niet haalbaar voor mij tegen die tijd. ik veronderstel dat je met anderen gaat.
    California dreaming loopt niet weg, we geraken er wel eens.

    tot woensdag?