Saturday, October 20

Rosemary's Baby kinda Yellow

Last night I bought the new album from Roisin Murphy, Overpowered via iTunes. It's the greatest! Nice music to work with. Be it crafting, drawing.. or something even more sexy!

I love the video too.

I'm working on a new doll. But I don't know exactly how it will look like. And I don't know which fabric I'm gonna use. But here are some inspirations:

These pictures of Rosemary's Baby fill me with enthousiasm. I'm not sure why, but this movie has always been one of my favorites. The whole movie is filled with this special kind of yellow. A kind of strange and musturdy-kinda-yellow. Ok, it's official : "Rosemary's-Baby-Yellow".

I googled it, but I can't seem to find any pictures of the scene where she (Rosemary) redecorates her appartment and uses a special kind of yellow paper and fabric. That scene never left my imagination.

And of course the Vidal Sassoon haircut. Amazingly clever, especially with the anorexic kinda cheekbones of Mia Farrow at that time. Gorgeous!

Reminds me of what Karl Lagerfeld ones said in a short interview after his fashion show in 2006 ;
"It's not the girls who are anorexic, ... it's the clothes"

Vivienne Westwood's Spring 2008 collection.. love the mustardy yellow together with the petrol blue.

Sonia Rykiel Spring 2008, super prints, super funny, and super stylish.

More yellow, light taupe, ecru and orange.. - Sonia Rykiel 2008

On a darker palet; the Autumn 2007 from Alexander McQueen, is rocking me!
And not only me, a friend of mine, Heinz is working for him this very moment.. *sigh*

Amazing dress, costume, art.. how do you call such a thing anyway?

Let's make a little cute doll out of this sublime bunch of fabric, things and stuff.
and let it be Rosemary's Yellow!

Just one more thing, check out this interview with Emily, one of the greatest Bloggerette of this time:
check emily's interview on Etsy's here

And here

I really wouldn't know what to do without people like Emily, Eva, Vicky
... I just don't know
But I know one thing!

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