Wednesday, September 19

Be Right Back

I'm totally absorbed in my work these weeks..
Had to give demonstrations with our new knitting machine (which is the greatest!)
Had to go to Antwerp for a Panty Meeting, (I know all about them now)
Had to work seven days on seven, just to finish the crafty overload that was stagnating in my hobby room.
I am new to embroidery and have to make some examples to show in the shop..
Shaun is back in my life, which is great, but rather time consuming, because boyfriends and crafting and working a full day job, isn't very easy.. (but Sister Diane came to the rescue!)


And I need to find more time for my blog..


But, I'll be right back!

P.S. : Sister Diane, Thank you so very much for the coolest and so needed podcast on 'Crafty Overload', I so understand and have learned from this experience.

Monday, September 10

Tibethian Tea - Tears

This video is for my special friend,
We've been thru some hard time,
Lucas, the boyfriend of a good friend died three days ago.
There is no justice in a feeling of powerless. And there is no justice in taking away a life that hasn't had the chance to live. Too young, too good, and too soon. And all that's left, is tears and emptiness. That in itself is the purpose of death, to understand the living. Even if this understanding has to come together with pain.
We all think about the loss, and we will miss him. And them together.
We will meet. And it will be on a sunny day, blue skies and as many hugs and kisses we can give.
Share your love, before it gets dark.

Thursday, September 6

Wednesday, September 5

Kim Carnes, Bette Davis and the Zebra

on another note:
Finally I know what and who I am:

Hedonism (Greek: hēdonē "pleasure" + –ism) describes any way of thinking that gives pleasure a central role. Hedonism can be generally summed up as "Pleasure is the highest good", or in an ethical formulation, "whatever causes pleasure is right."

I fell in love last week.
With a Zebra.
Divine creature.
... and also very good looking in a black and white photograph.

My new lover

Nature used a very gentle brush when it created this beauty.

And look what I've rediscovered lately. I love everything about this video! So cool, so unbelievable cool. I think there's no other word that could describe this clip better. Be you tea full!
Kim Carnes, what a great artist, I didn't know about her music, just the Bette Davis Eyes video of course, I'm gonna use her as an inspiration for my new illustration. Great, great, great woman!

I've been so busy lately, almost no time to blog or even check the wonderful sites and blogs from friends and other people. But tomorrow I'm posting a big new post. I've got a lot to talk about.. and some things to show. I also got digital television now, so a lot of TCM classic movies I've been watching. I love it!

This picture is something that blows my mind, it's Bette Davis and when you look at her face in this picture it's like she's smiling, but when you look at her eyes she's so sad. This picture freaks me out, but in a good way.

It's a moving picture!

More Kim Carnes video's: