Wednesday, September 19

Be Right Back

I'm totally absorbed in my work these weeks..
Had to give demonstrations with our new knitting machine (which is the greatest!)
Had to go to Antwerp for a Panty Meeting, (I know all about them now)
Had to work seven days on seven, just to finish the crafty overload that was stagnating in my hobby room.
I am new to embroidery and have to make some examples to show in the shop..
Shaun is back in my life, which is great, but rather time consuming, because boyfriends and crafting and working a full day job, isn't very easy.. (but Sister Diane came to the rescue!)


And I need to find more time for my blog..


But, I'll be right back!

P.S. : Sister Diane, Thank you so very much for the coolest and so needed podcast on 'Crafty Overload', I so understand and have learned from this experience.


  1. Hope you get some rest between all the work. Okay, you have me curious: just what is a "Panty Meeting?"

  2. My goodness - I'm so sorry not to have seen this post before now. (I'm behind on my blogs these days -- sadly behind!)

    Anyway, thank you so much for the kind words! I'm happy you enjoyed the "Overload" show. We all seem to be getting so overloaded these days . . . .

    I hope your life has calmed down since this post!