Monday, July 2

Love Today

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! Mika disco's! (and yeah, rocks too!)

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  1. Hi Nikolaas,

    It was so great to see you behind the desk this morning. I feel you are one with the shop. I told you before, the thinks you make our so gorgeous. When I see the pictures of the tings you make I discover a smile in each of them. I love guy’s who expressing themselves in different ways. And it is a right to do that, so let no one take that away from you.
    I know you have a big & marvellous heart. A heart full of love, energy and passion. Deep inside there is a guy who wants to take care of somebody else’s heart.
    Taking care is the most joyful way of loving .

    Let yourself be known

    Nice to here you have a bike now. Maybe we can go for a ride together

    Hugs Gino