Monday, September 22

Artful Blogging - and the secret of blissful blogging

I'm getting lots of fun out of life these days.. yes sir!

Last week I received the wonderful magazine 'Artful Blogging' from Chris at Prism Trail!.
And what a great magazine it is.

artful blogging 2

All the articles inside this magazine are parts gathered of different blogs. They are then edited in a poetic and intimate style. The whole magazine reads as a book/story in itself, a story told by different people.
Just like reading blogs on the internet, by clicking your way from link to link, from blog to blog. Then there's also that beautiful cohesion; in style of writing (it is edited from real blogs), subject (it's all about Arts & Crafts) and visually (pictures and images).
So I think - after reading almost the whole magazine - that blogs are perfect for printing. Of course they need some little adjustments (like links and comments) but it's almost better than a 'real' magazine. Because I believe it's more alive.

This next quote from the Editor Letter on the first page of the magazine sums it all up:

"I've written before of my strong believe that blogging can be a life-changing experience. It's just as true to say that blogging can be a world-changing experience. I am happy to say that those of us who are artful bloggers are changing the world for the better"

Staci Dumoski - Managing Editor of Artful Blogging

artful blogging 01

artful blogging 1

Artful blogging magazine can be found here.

On another note I've finished my 'I heart my Garden, and you?' cross-stitch project.

garden 4
I heart my garden, and you?

garden 3
Detail 'I heart my garden, and you?'

garden crosstitch 1
Lady bugs

garden 2
and another detail..

Ooh and I've made this little miniature too:

bee crosstitch with honey
This will be a part of a new digibudi doll.

Okay, have to run cause I will be just in time to get back to work (I'm on my lunch break right now), have to run or else I'll be late.. and my boss doesn't blog or doesn't even know what a blog is (duh!).
So I'm pretty sure she won't understand me being late..

And remember : 'There's no honey without some stinging bees'


  1. Thank you so much for linking to my blog!

    And I really look forward to seeing your new doll(s)!

  2. love your sweet blog it is quite refreshing to see a male crafty perspective ( I realized while cruising yours that most of my crafty blogger friends are females) thanks for sharing love the bee /honey quote