Tuesday, September 16

The digibudi's dolls parade

They finally arrived at the Digital Garden, three new digibudi's dolls.

From left to right ; Autumna, Miss Edelweiss and Miss Be You Tea Full

My favorite doll, Miss Edelweiss (a present for my dear Sister D.)

A close up of Miss Edelweiss, hand cross-stitched detail

Close up of Miss Edelweiss' face

Miss Be You Tea Full, she likes dreams and poetry and Jasmine Tea

Close up of Miss Tea, little tea pots on her belly

Autumna, the cross stitch doll

Close up of Autumna's cross-stitch detail

Autumna's smiling felt face

I do hope you'll like them all.. I do!
And if anyone is interested in adopting one of my dolls, let me know. They are $40 each. (Except for Miss Edelweiss, as I said before she already has a home with a good friend)

Bye now, I'm posting the great magazine I've got from Christina, Artful Blogging!

Stay tuned..

And remember : 'Keep true to the dreams of thy youth.'


  1. OMG! OMG! OMG! Really? That's the most wonderful thing of this whole month. Miss Edelweiss is so beautiful, and I cannot wait to give her a good home.

    THANK YOU. How lovely. Sending you a big hug and kiss, mu friend!

  2. I love these! I hope you are making more and more!

  3. I love Miss Edelweiss! So cute!!! Super jealous of Diane right now!