Thursday, November 12

Back from NYC

first night in NYC, a bit jet lagged, but very happy arriving on Times Sq.

New York City was amazing! The instant we set foot on JFK airport, took the cab to Manhattan Times Sq., I was in love.

I've got so many pictures, stories to tell and things to show, that it's almost too much. So I'm going to divide that big pile of stuff and impressions into bite size bits and blog about it every now and than, for as long as it takes! :)

pure energy on Times Sq.

Let me start with some books I've bought at Barnes & Nobles bookstores.

I'd like the Goo-Gen-Heim

Got this book from the Guggenheim museum near Central Park, I was instantly in love with both the building, the art inside and this cute book from A.C. Hollingsworth about Andy, a little boy who wanders away from his napping father in Central Park to discover a sight on Fifth Av. unlike any he has seen before. I must say, I felt a lot like Andy the day we visited Loyd Wright's masterpiece.. :) still happy when I think about it!

wonderful artwork from A.C.Hollingsworth - 1970

I wanted this book since I was a child, and when looking around inside Barnes & Nobles bookstore on 5th Av. I grabbed this amazingly beautiful work of art and held it like I found a lost friend! :)

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs by Judi Barrett and Ron Barrett

This book is so funny, so original that I couldn't leave this on the bookshelf. The illustrations are so great and the story (which will be turned into a movie soon) is crazy!

page from Cloud with a chance of meatballs

Oh yeah, there are two new digibudi's dolls smiling at me at this very moment..
I'm making new ones today and tomorrow for a shop in Gent. So hopefully they will find a gentle home and a gentle hand which will take good care of them. Because they deserve that..

two new digibudi's dolls waiting for a home

Bye now, be back tomorrow!

and remember: dreams can only come true if you keep on dreaming


  1. Gij kende "Where the wild things are" voor de film?

  2. I'm so glad you had a fabulous time!

    Love those dollies, too...

  3. Wow, I couldn't even begin to imagine the sights and sounds of New York City!!!

    I hope it was every bit inspirational and energy giving as I could ever imagine!!

    Great post!