Sunday, September 6

three new digibudi's pillow cases - free J.P.Gaultier trax

Last night I had so much energy, that I've made three pillow cases.
I've used the zippers from my old ones, who were 9 years old, and didn't look so good anymore.
So the only thing I've used from my personal stock are some patches and squares of 40cm/40cm is 15.7inch/15.7inch, and that's a standard size for small pillows.

The Patchwork pillow, Chinese Flowers pillow and Gooze on the Farm pillow

this is my favorite, The Patchwork pillow

detail of The Patwork pillow

this time I've put the zippers in the middle of the backside. Which I like better than at the top, this way I can emphasize the zipper with some ribbons or other trims. Zippers are cool, and shouldn't always be hid away. :)

Chinese Flowers pillow

detail of Chinese Flower pillow

Also a favorite (let's be honest, I love them all) is this Gooze on the Farm pillow. The fabric is amazing, real original vintage!

I've used a different kind of fabric for the backside, it's a very light with a rough silky feel to it. Used some trims to compliment the zipper.

I've been thinking about making a Happy & Sad pillow, but I only got as far as this sketch:

design sketch for Happy & Sad pillow case

Tomorrow Bart is taking me out for dinner in a not yet known restaurant, I love surprises like this! And it's even not my birthday, it's his! :)
Tuesday Amalia's coming to check the process of the album cover of which I've been blabbing enough.. So busy but lovely days ahead..

And remember: If you're working on your own, you might as well share it with others. :)

I'm really like this tune, you can get the single + two remix of this Martin Solveig track for FREE when you sign in at the J.P. Gaultier Club! here

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