Monday, September 21

silver stars pillow case and bits and pieces

I'm taking quite a lot of courses these days. JavaScript, Flash 8, Dreamweaver 8 + CSS, ICT.
In between working with tags and classes, strings and booleans I keep on sewing. It gives me the so needed balance from working with abstract and logical behaviors to working with something as earthly as needle and thread.

I love the combo.

I've made a new pillow case,

new digibudi's pillow case with glitter silver stars and fluo pink ribbons

on the backside there's a white zipper

And because my scissors are always scattered around my studio I've been trying a system made à la minute in yellow felt. With simple ribbons attached to it where I can slide my scissors in. Works really well, but I'm working on a slightly fancier model.. Don't know where that's going though. :)

this is the scissor place holder at this moment

the more fancier version

detail of the scissor place holder

cross stitched patch turned into little pocket for the smallest pair of scissors

embellishment cross stitch patch

I'm also trying a new patchwork design, this time I've been using triangle shapes instead of square shapes.

new patchwork pillow case with triangle shapes

It's the first time I've been using triangle shapes, and I like the effect, the possibilities are endless. The backside of this pillow case will be in one piece of fabric.

And I love this fashion drawing from September Issue Italian Vogue

beautiful sketches by the lovely Holly Fulton

And some bits and pieces:

I love these color swatches from knitting wool books

little birdy patch I'm gonna use on my next pillow case

Cooking patch for Bart's Apron, he's a Chef in the kitchen so he's gonna love this! :)

Oh I forgot my laundry and it seems like there's gonna be some rain this afternoon.. better be quick and go back to work..

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