Thursday, August 27

digibudi's kitchen set - domestic pleasures

Domestic Pleasures Kitchen Set - Add a touch of fun and elegance to home décor and kitchen with these 100% cotton kitchen goodies. :) Especially crafted for your domestic pleasures

Greek Vase Apron with big pocket

Greek Vase Apron close up

Pocket close up

Greek Vase Apron apple button close up

Domestic Pleasures Apron and Oven Mitten

Domestic Pleasures oven mitten close up

Domestic Pleasures Apron close up of pocket

Broderie Anglaise close up of Domestic Pleasures Apron

And oh yes, my quilt is finished and is hanging sweetly on my wall

digibudi's digital garden quilt


  1. HI! you keep referring to item being sold..where??? also, talk to me about the apron, ok? I want to ask you a question (aka, why am I always overthinking something so simple?).

    Gardnwest AT aol DOT com

  2. I love the apron! I need to find this fabric! You have a wonderful blog, very inspiring.