Thursday, August 9

Starry Night crochet and Crafts in America

My mobile phone seems to have troubles with the pictures I try to post here. I try to work this thing out..

At last! My day off. After working seven days in a row, I'm so happy to sit her at my desk with a fresh coffee next to me. In front of me I've got my newest addiction, it's crochet!
I'm only learning it so here's a little example, I so love the wool with here and there some sparkle of silver in it, it looks just like a starry night.

I've bought the most colorful and fun-looking wool on this planet I think.
And I've made this crochet little bag with floshes!

I get very excited when the new wool collection arrives in the shoppe. Just working with those soft natural fibers and fabrics makes my senses go all good! I need so feel and touch as much different shapes and forms, so my mind is fullfilled and my brain is a happy worker. I think it's very important that we have conncections with natural elements during our work. It's so healthy, but so sneakingly subtle, that it's always on the background it happens. Now and then, my inner sense floats to the surface and I'm reminded again of the fact that I'm touching pieces of nature itself. It's so amazing. Pure magic.

Here's the new Autumn/Winter wool 2007 for our shoppe.
Will make some more close-ups of the beautiful wool, now that I'm totally crochet 'hooked'.

The marvelous and immensly important movie is finally on YouTube, Craft in America. If you want to hear a great and quite long interview with the maker off this documentary you should definetely listen to the podcast of Sister Diane, Craftypod.

correction! The Craft in America podcast was from Craftsanity, you can find a link here.
Thanks to Sister Diane for correcting this. Do check out her marvelous podcasts as well, you can find Sister Diane here. In her relaxing, uplifting manner of talking and interviewing her podcasts are never boring, and the best programm to listen to whilst stitching and crochet and knitting, and.. much more!

Now, for this amazing documentary/movie, Craft in America
Here you can watch the promo:

It's been raining here like crazy last few weeks. And at the same time we've got 'Theatre at Sea' happening here in Ostend. There's a big tent just near the station where they perform and play music after the plays and performances during the day. It was pooring, like never before, when I took this picture of two people (I think they were hunsband and wife, but I'm not sure - although I'm quite sure he wasn't exactly a 'hunsband', but rather a husband) who were selling drinks in plastic cups in a little caravan just outside the tent. So people could buy some drinks before entering the tent, which is nice. But their little caravan was not prepared for this Belgian weather, this pooring rain. So this caravan looked more like a shower, with all the rain dripping down from all kinds of corners and places inside the little thing. But look at those two people laughing! They were gorgeous, and I asked for them to pose underneeth one of the plastic cups that now functioned as a container to hold the rain.. Gorgeous!

I'm quite sad about the mobile/picture upload being temorarly dissabled, so it's back to my digital camera, look at this beautiful fabric I got from Marie from work:

It's Indian fabric, and the scenery is just marvelous.
Here's a close up:

I'll make an appron from it, for Julz to wear above her skirts or pants.

And some new swatches from the last box of fabrics:

At last, the last box!

More cool fabrics folded and ready to go in my hobby room

greens and yellows.. I'm sure I can make something out of that!

And many more trims:


  1. Prachtig, werkelijk prachtig Niko.


  2. Hello there - I'm glad you enjoyed the Craft Sanity podcast about 'Craft In America.' It's actually not a CraftyPod, however. Folks can find it at

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