Thursday, August 23

What I took back from the forest..

Two days at home, yeah! So now I can read, write and draw for two whole days. It's a kinda party. I've got milk, cookies, vegies, fruit and yasmine/mint green tea. And lots of projects to finish, and to start.
I'm buzy right now (this blog post is a little time-out from the illustration I'm making) with Ghost Girl, part 1, the head of the girl. It takes a lot of work. But it's worth it, cause she's allready beginning to show some colors.

Here's a closer look at Ghost Girl, don't mind the colors just yet, they will change and change again and again.

It's always nice to have some transparent layers as a background filling for the upper detailed layers.

And here's a great vid from Animal Collective, Peacebone.

I luuuuuuuv this video. It makes me wanna go all soft and fluffy.

And now for the goodies I've hunted in the forest today..

Part Un: DVD classics:

I've found two DVD's, two of my favorites by the way:

The Philadelphia Story by George Cukor

Under my umbrella, ella, ella, ella... ey, ey ey!

Part Deux : Two great comics:

The Sorcerors Wife, by Charyn-Boucq, realy good European comic

The New Heaven by Mark Hendriks, also European comic-style novel

Part Trois: Les Livres:

And I've found this big book all about Folk and crafts:

The Big Folk Embroidery Book by Mary Gostelow

On this page you see a great embroidered skirt and a nice green hoodie. I love this look. And the book is from the seventies. Great pictures and colors.

The green hoodie with the black embroidered skirt.. great look!

Then, I've found these two treasures:

Bernice Bobs her hair, and other short stories by Scott Fitzgerald

One of my favorite authors is Margaret Drabble. I've almost read everything she wrote. She's a master in writing about simple things and making them sound amazing.

Margaret Drabble, The Waterfall

Now, back to my illustration, because I so want to relax with my new goodies in my bedroom. With that cup of tea next to me. And oh ja, lots of cookies.

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