Saturday, August 11

Hey Eugene!

I would love to have a homemade quilt-calendar to hang in mij hobby room. I found this design and I'm gonna use it as an inspiration. It will totally look different, but it will be a quilted calendar! In a way it reminds me of my childhood. The whole prairie and back to nature were the things I grew up with. And this quilted gem is too gorgeous to let it pass by. And I've got so much fabrics and lots of felt, buttons and pearls to finish it of.

The wonderful quilted calendar from

Some wonderful books I spotted whilst browsing, they're on my wish list!

The Best American Series - issue 2006

Art out of Time by Dan Nadel - about unknown comics visionaries

The best American comics - with Harvey Pekar & Anne Elizabeth Moore

The Novelty ACME library by Chris Ware

And now for my newest coolest, here's Pink Martini with Hey Eugene:
(love this song, they play it twice a day at the shoppe)

I'm quite ill today, had to stay home from work.. which sucks.. Went to the doctor and she gave me another box of that filthy Antibiotics. I'm not taking them. It's just a soar throat!

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