Friday, August 24

We ain't coming out here alive

The coolest of the cool! Lightspeed Champion

Watch out for monsters under your bed, because you can find a friend there. I've got a special monster that hides when the sun comes up, and when the night falls, he always tells me a bedtime story before I fall asleep. He keeps me safe and alert, and sometimes when I feel sad, and I'm crying, he comforts me. And he told me that I don't need to worry, because we're ain't coming out here alive. And that's true. He thaught me, how to live my life now. In this very moment. And that our dreams are woven into reality, and vice versa. There is no dualism, there is only a beautiful dance between our dreams and our activities.

I'm having the greatest time. Yesterday evening Marcsje visited me and we did a movie marathon untill five in the morning!! We watched 'The Philadelphia Story' with Katherine Hepburn (see previous post) and after that the second disc full with extra's, like this movie about Katherine H.'s life, love and work. Just wonderful, the way she looks at things, it beamed right out of her, out of the television, and into our minds. I can honestly say that her opinion changed my life. That's the power of movies, and story telling (they're quite the same in my opinion) they can change you. And I love change.
After that we've watched 'Singing in the Rain', what a glorious feeling.. And the special disc with extra's after that. Gene Kelly is still my favorite of all time. I need to get a good photograph of him, so I can frame it and put it on my desk next to my other heroes).

Slept untill the afternoon, and now I'm getting myself ready for some serious illustrating. The Ghost Girl didn't change much since yesterday. Need to do some time-management this afternoon. :)

A little sketch I did at the beach this afternoon. He (it's not a she) looks rather serious. I think it's from watching all those Hollywood MGM classics yesterdaynight.
Tonight I'm watching, On The Avenue from Irving Berlin, with Dick Powell and Madeleine Carroll.

Catch you later pumpkins! (I can hear the fox calling me for a walk in the forest again)


  1. Love that drawing. MGM clssics are always fun, sort of comforting. "On the Avenue" looks great, one I've actually never seen.

  2. two of my most BELOVED movies! did you know that they were calling Kate "box office poison" and that The Philadelphia Story" brought her career back from the dead? god, i love kate. love that movie. it is SOOOO DEEP!

    dig your ghost lady too digibudi!