Sunday, August 12


Ones in a while, a good produced and fine tuned studio track has some qualities beyond commercial succes.

I'm having a second thought about the 'Umbrella' song from Rihanna, featuring Jay-Z (which I'm not such a big fan of). But hey, it's all about being open-minded, and therefore I need to keep that open mind.
But I love this song very much.It's layered, it's interesting and it has a nice and professionaly made finish to it..

Here are some of the most yummy fabrics I've seen at
Their collection of Japanese prints is to die for. They are just to pretty to cut with a pair of scissors but instead you would want them framed and hanging on your bedroom walls. A little bit too pretty almost. But that would be a contradiction, and as far as I know, Japanese fabrics are the best!

Aren't they just the best?


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