Monday, July 14

The Operation

Today was a perfect day.

from: The Cement Garden

I've met a wonderful guy yesterday when I went out for a dance and a drink with Martine, Maxine, Gaetan and Jeffrey.
After I entered my favorite bar here in Ostend and was shaking and breaking the baseline dancing to the latest Madonna on the dancefloor, I noticed a very cute guy smiling at me. At first I didn't react, there are a lot of cute guys you know.. So, what's new about that?
But after a while I got quite interested, and we talked, we laughed, we danced together.. and yes.. we've kissed! His name is Jeroen, is about the age as me, a bit taller than me and has the most wonderful twinkle in his eyes. And a smile to die for!
I'm seeing him again soon.. So quite happy about that.
The instant I saw him I felt really calm, like I've known him for a while. No stress, no shyness or any other lack of confidence when you normally meet a person you really like. None of that, but a very warm and trusty feeling inside.
Ok, enough about this, I'm starting to feel a bit corny.. :)

Did so much for the shop today, reorganized the products, restyled my part of the shop with practical and easy to find visual merchandise know-how, yes sir!
I didn't make anything creatively, but what a treat it is to reorganize and restyle things. It all looks so practical and neat. I love neat.
Met wonderful people who were extremely kind. To add it all up; a wonderful day.

On another note:

Here are some of the most marvelous recordings of my favorite author of all time Anaïs Nin herself speaking about and reading from her diaries. I treasure these recordings so much because after I've read all her work, I wondered ( really wondered and dreamed and daydreamed about this) how her voice would sound like.
And you know what? It's exactly the way I've imagined it. She's the greatest..

Audio File Anaïs 1 -BookBeat 1972
Audio File Anaïs 2
The Creative Woman in America Today
Women and Writing

Isn't that amazing? I always feel goosebumps when I listen to those recordings. It's like my own sister is talking to me, a sister I've never met in real life. But none the less is a part of my DNA. Pure wisdom, hard and yet gentle as a diamant in the rough, uncut and uncensored.

I wanted to put some beautiful photographs of the great Paul Swiridoff of which I've got a book from my father in this post, but I just found out that my scanner is broken. It makes this really strange noise and it doesn't scan anymore.. Oh well, time to get me a new one. I don't mind broken things, the less I've got, the more I do.

Nothing is taboo on the edge of science:

The Operation

And remember: SMILE


  1. Oh Nikolaas! So nice to hear from you. I miss you too! But you know how it is with good friends, we catch up so easily! Hurray for cute boys with sweet smiles and our beloved Anais Nin! Thank you for these!


  2. Unbelievable to hear the voice of Anaïs Nin. Such interesting interviews. I found her diaries when i was young, in the library of Ghent. She and Henry Miller were my first contact with modern American writers. From Miller i once saw a exhibition of his paintings (most of all watercolours) in Ghent, at the Gallery Richard Foncke.
    I'm glad my youngest son takes a litte bit over the torch where i have left it...
    His dad.