Monday, July 21

Robot purse and Jazzy Purse (and a mega courgette..)

Had a great day at work. Made a new cross-stitch patch as part of a new doll. The summer cherries are almost there! Can't wait to taste them. I love the dark red cherries, the black cherries.. yumyum..

crosstitch cherries
Cherries and a jar of cherrie jam.

I want some sweet buttons to sew on the doll's body part, but I can't choose.. They all look so tasty.

Which one shall I choose? So many buttons, so little time..

And here are my two new purses, I just can't get enough of them. I have to make one after the other.

two purses
Two new purses today..

robot purse
The Robot Purse.

psp purse
Perfect for my PSP.

music purse
And a vintage Jazzy Purse.
(fabrics from Reprodepot)

Yes Sister Diane, my ironing board has indeed a picture of a zipper on it! (It's so great you've noticed such a detail, I would too!)
I couldn't resist it when I saw it in the shop. I did need a new one, and when I noticed this beauty I simply fell in love. It makes me very happy looking at it.

ironing board
My new ironing board with the zipper!

And I've got a laundry basket with eyes too:

laundry basket
My weird laundry basket.

As I'm showing my most intimate possessions I could as well show you some parts of my craft studio too:

craftroom 2
My sewing table with my Toyota sewing machine.

my craftroom
My stash of fabrics and my wooden sewing box inherited from my grandmother.

On another note:

I got the most mega courgette today from a friends garden, It's almost too scary to eat! I'll make a big pot of soup with it. I'll call it Digibudi's Mega Courgette Soup (with cream).

Who is afraid of the the big courgette?

Bye now, my lovely courgettes.

And remember: Don't let the showers of tomorrow ruin the sunshine of today.


  1. That is a most excellent laundry basket! And your sewing space looks very peaceful. I would love to make things there. :-)

  2. HAAA!!! I've never seen one like that!

    I love that little purse. You have lovely things. I must aspire to such beauty and neatness. And neat-o-ness.

  3. Hello! I really like your cute purses. Are you making them to sell or to give away to friends? I love the robot purse. So cute!

  4. I am so glad you stopped by to visit my blog. You have the coolest things. I love the laundry basket and the ironing board cover? Pluuesse. Love it! You are so multi-talented. Jewelry, dolls, purses AND you cross stitch. I used to do the x thing, but I've given it up because I always had to do the big projects. I wish I could say that I'm going to take it up again, but no, I'm just going to drop by your place and ooh and aah at your creations!