Monday, September 13

For the love of ribbons, The Grand Idea of Organizing my Ribbons by Color Plan, prt 1 Black

So, I came up with this idea of organizing my ribbons collection I've been gathering during some years now. It's a task long overdue and the amount of ribbons I've collected thus far is overwhelming. Talking about a luxury problem I'm having in my craft atelier.
I normally put my ribbons in a big yellow box which isn't the best idea I figured out. Namely because they are all tangled up together like one big ball of embellishment goodies.  Therefore, if I need to pick one particular ribbon in a specific color for an embellishment on let's say a doll or a pillowcase... well, you get the idea.. it's a mess.

But here's where my "Grand Idea of Organizing my Ribbons by Color Plan" comes in! 'Ahaa!'
So I organized my ribbons into groups of colors. Black, red, brown, orange/yellow, blue, green and white.
And some unidentified group I'd like to call "mixed". Those will contain the ribbons that don't exist of one particular dominating color. Like rainbow ribbons for instance, where would you put those in the well organized grand idea?
Well, in the pile-group "mixed". 'Ahaa!', again.

Another problem solved, I'd say!

Now, here's what I've done this evening.. the black ribbons:

some of my black ribbons

I just adore the black lace ribbons.. so graphic!

Gold and silver are great with black

some close ups

I find it quite difficult to photograph these black beauties. Black is something that isn't easy to capture, it turns out brownish or grayish, so I got some help from Photoshop to make the black seem more... well, black!

I think they look pretty sweet anyway.

Bye now, and remember : 'Black is back!'

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