Thursday, October 7

Red ribbons

Been busy, busy! But here is my next post on yes.. ribbons!
This time I've got some red ribbons to show you.
And because I've been quite busy with a business website I'm designing in Fireworks CS5 (which is amazing by the way)  I'll show you the work so far :

I think it's pretty nifty. :)
I like the fact that everything on the website is made by hand, this is weird when working with a computer, but I mean every box and every line or shadow or shiny effect is really build up by using rectangles, shadows, lines and transparency levels.. so no pre-fab widgets or symbols here. I think the result looks good.

And now on to the Red ribbons.. I've made a collage of all the pictures I've taken a few weeks ago.. I still need to upload them one by one from my gallery at, which is a perfect alternative for Picasa. I like better, because it fits great into my photoshop elements software application on this notebook I'm using. And the editing possibilities are much more advanced and professional than - in my point of view anyway - Picasa's. Hail Photoshop again I guess.. :)

At the restaurant everything is going great, have two new menus, of which I'm showing you some pictures after me going on about the effort and the skills it takes us to make that kind of recipes.. plates full of utter delightful tasty goodness, bless to ingredients..

I love them (the ingredients I mean) ; from the pale onions to the blushy peaches, the crispy fresh asperges, the amazingly rich truffles, and on and on.. fresh and quality produce is the best!
Everything tastes so divine that I'm eating way to much these days but I AM NOT ashamed to say that I may need to expand my belt with an inch (or two)...All for the good course of cooking great food, that's not an excuse it's a fact!

End of this month I'm gonna take a vacation (with my other half who's been great and lovely by the way, I love you Bartje ♥♥ if you are reading this) to Gran Canaria. Need some time off and relax.. some sunshine in November and sunscreen factor +50 in my case will do us both good.
Staying at the ever so lovely Riu hotel Don Miguel at Playa del Ingles and will be very happy to see all the staff back after a few months of West-European business.. :) Ola!

Gran Canaria image by Google - Flightline

Bye for now, and remember : 'It's a parasol, not an umbrella!'

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  1. Great food, what is the restaurant?