Tuesday, August 10

From rhubarb to buttons and back

As I said before, working in a class restaurant has it's ups and downs. It's very hard work but it pays. Not only in a very generous paycheck at the end of each month, but even more important, in a creative-and -totally-interesting-satisfaction-fulfillment-at-the-end-of-each-day way!
You learn while working in a kitchen.
You create while cooking complicated dishes.
You use your senses ; smell, taste, sight.. while preparing and adding all those wonderful ingredients together.

It's alchemy for the taste buds.

The art of cooking takes on many forms though. Whether you're cooking for business or for pleasure.
And that's where creativity comes in, it provides an abundance of inspiration and How-To's for a fulfilling creative cooking (or crafting) life at every stage. It's ever so interesting. And it smells divine!

Rhubarb arrived at our kitchen, we use it in a main dish.

Working with fresh produce, well.. there's nothing better.

Here are some plates I've been making together with my Chef, who's also my partner and very cute boyfriend (he has a new blog, it's here).
During weekends we have a little helper, Pieter.
The three of us are making jokes all the time, singing along with whatevers on the radio at that moment, couldn't care less, our kitchen is downstairs and the customers who are enjoying their Menu Belle Epoque or ordered A la Carte.. don't hear us anyway.. :)

Foie Gras with marinated figs, port sauce and  Kataifi nest.

Lobster with aspic of herbs and saffron ice cream

Quince sabayon, Poire liqueur, red fruit, topped with meringue

Meanwhile at the atelier..
I've been working on a series of new digibudi's dolls, for my soon to open Etsy shop. Which will be in September, next month! Yeah! It was due to open last September, but you know how life gives you all kinds of other opportunities, so I postponed it to this year. :) Which is perfect, because now I'm much more matured, saved much more money, and gained much more experience. So the time is right to do this now.
About the new digibudi dolls:

For now, I will only give you a very sneak preview.
Of some buttons. :) 
So stay tuned...

close up of a new digibudi doll
Bye now, I'm going to enjoy myself this evening and I'm looking forward to another day of cooking, sewing and talking about it! Take care ;)
And remember : "Sometimes you have to break some eggs to make a pie!"

And a kiss to anyone who has a sugar coated heart :)