Friday, May 23

Wouldn't it be cool

Ingmar Bergman, Irving Penn

Wouldn't it be cool to do exactly what you want to do.
Without anyone telling you you're right or wrong.
To be untouchable and not affected by.. (all kinds of things, and stuff)

That even if it would be against the norms, the standards, the templates and other Fata Morgana's society invented for us, we will be brave enough to deal with the consequences.. with the help of our free and ever wondering spirits?

I do understand that courage takes a vital part into our machina of dreams. Japanese poetry made me discover that. It does take a great deal of that poetry to fulfill a dream. And dreams I take very seriously. Yes sir!

Knowledge and happiness are both science, crying and laughing gives the same release. Using this energy and knowledge as a fuel to manifest our dreams and only the dream itself, into reality, would be a masterpiece in itself.

Oh well, I'm in this poetic mood and it's in these moments I honestly believe that I understand the spiritual things. I feel confident about myself. About my life and the people I notice, love and befriend with.

Mr Wittitterly Cruickshank, 24 Mei 2008

Woody Allen by Irving Penn

I'm so fond of some of the lyrics Madonna has on her new album. This part of her soon to be next single (I'm pretty sure) Give it to me, keeps sticking inside my mind..

I love the way she puts it.

I'm also making an illustration. That's a big thing for me because of all the other projects I wanted to make. But now I'm back at the drawing board, I'm feeling pretty good. Here's a little scetch of what I'm making.

It's just a sketch at this point but I'm getting slowly into that state when the process of creating starts making sense. This one is all about roots and growth.

Bye Lemon pies, and remember; Add some sugar and mix it up!

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